Tena Slip Maxi Review!

Hi there friends! I have a new review video for you today!

In summary, the Tena Slip Maxi is a high quality diaper (or Nappy or Couche?) that has one major drawback, it’s EU exclusive. There are plenty of places to import them, but they can be pricey and sometimes hard to find. Great absorbency, great fit, strong but sometimes scratchy tapes.

I wanted to start out with a great product, my next Review video will be about one of the worst, the Depend Protection with Tabs! More stuff soon, thanks for watching ❀

Review Preview!

Hi Hi! I was hoping to shoot my new video today but ended up just finalizing my review system, setting up a template I can apply to any review. I wanted to have things prepared so the reviews all have the same format and my video workflow moves much smoother. That’s what i’ve been mostly doing, setting things up so when I get going I can stay going.

I plan to end each video with a card like this that you can use as a quick reference for each different product. I think I like the second one better, but the first one has a little more color to it. Would love to hear feedback! I want to make it obvious from seeing this picture that Depend Protection With Tabs is a fairly bad diaper. Anything else you’d want to know?

More video soon, a short explanation of the review system and a review of these Depend 3-tape diapers. Writing this right before bed with my bear in my lap and a Depend on, gotta do the research! Wish me a dry bed tonight, these Depends are not very trustworthy πŸ˜› Thanks for reading ❀

Padded Love

Busy Bear Week!

Quick catch-up, the Election stuff went great and I went about my duties with care and precision. My laser hair removal turned out great and I feel much better about random selfies, more on that soon. The family medical issue I was worried about turned out great, surgery was successful. I even saw a bunny hopping around today after not seeing one for a while, things are going great for little Riley.

I also got my first Patreon person! I’ll be adding more stuff there soon, going to take this week doing some much needed catch-up on Emails and putting out a new video and all sorts of content! And if you’re reading this, thank you again!!!

But first, I took some super-cute padded pics recently and wanted to share them ❀ I love pads and it seems you can never find enough pad content online. I have a ABDL porn wishlist I should share with y’all… I have some particular kinks (shout out to medical braces) that I’m sure I’m not alone in.

And like my grandmother used to say, “If you can’t find the porn you want, make it yourself!” So here’s some pad pictures πŸ˜› Maybe I’ll have to take some wet pad pics too, though I’m sure I won’t have an accident, I hardly ever pee my pants!

Have a lovely weekend, look forward to more pics and fun and padded love ❀

Song of The Moment ~ Bedhead – Foaming Love

Wild Week!

This has been a big week for this little girl!

~ Got Laser

~ Hung out in Philadelphia

~ Moved a bit closer to becoming Election Judge

~ The Anthony Padilla video came out!

~ Had an article in a Buffalo paper

Coming up I have the Election and some personal stuff, a close family member is having heart surgery, they’re close to my age, and we’re all sending really positive thoughts. I’m glad to be emotionally available, to be able to handle myself and support others during tough times. Things have changed a lot this year.

Speaking of changes and to drastically switch gears… I’ve been an absolute crinkle butt lately. I’ve been trying on all sorts of new diapers and taking tons of selfies. Here’s a bunch over the last week πŸ™‚

I bought this dress thinking i’d never wear it out, I pulled it from the closet and realized it looked perfect for the Ren-Faire. I love puffy dresses, tights and thick, safe diapers πŸ™‚

This was filming the “Is AB/DL a Fetish” Video, I filmed a whole video (dozens of takes, I’m obsessive) and realized I had green on my shirt and it made the Keying look terrible, plus I just wasn’t happy with the video. I made another one the next day and it turned out much better. This is clear evidence that I do all my video pantsless πŸ˜›

Mostly it’s been Northshore MegaMax Smalls and BetterDry Mediums, with some randoms thrown in, I think the bottom is a Northshore AirSupreme Small. I like those, but the MegaMax Smalls I think are my favorite, most trusted diaper at the moment. I’ll keep doing research and searching for flaws, review soon!

Thanks for reading, positive thoughts, if you’re like me you’re back into footies and have your stuffies in their winter clothes ❀

Stay warm and Stay Diapered ❀

In the News

It’s been a busy bear week! Lasers and videos and articles, it’s been a big week. First up, I was in the Buffalo Spectrum paper, this article isn’t 100% accurate or anything, I must not have been clear about a couple things… first, I wouldn’t consider myself an ex-Pornstar, I just backed out for a while and stopped shooting mainstream stuff… second, the first line says “she isn’t a glamorous toddler” which is a total falsehood, I’m totally a glamorous toddler!

She wrote a nice article all things considered and was very thoughtful and positive. I’ve been featured in various media for a long time now, and it’s nice to see things getting progressively more tolerant.

[about to get political hold on to your butts] I suppose there’s something to be said about intolerant people are getting more intolerant. There’s been a recent rise of conservative/alt-right/TERF blogs and Reddits attacking ageplayers (not specifically ABDL, more just ageplayers) and grouping them with pedophiles, pushing the idea that acceptance of LGBT means acceptance of pedophilia/bestiality etc, that old chestnut.

I think that the attacks on “undesirables” have become much more insipid, much more disingenuous. You see people trying to use transpeople as political pawns, implying that voting D means acceptance of all the harmful things they tell you transpeople will do. There’s a huge amount of money in it and a huge amount of attention to be gained from standing up “against the transgender/PC/degenerate cabal”. It’s an organized attack and putting transpeople and other marginalized groups that are largely trying to be left alone at rish.

I have a feeling that this fight for decency, inclusiveness is not going to end anytime soon. People will use acceptance of “non-normative” behavior used as a weapon. They’re going to jump into every post and every blog, planting seeds of dissent. They’re going to mass flag AB/DL sites, they’re going to fund transgender people that push their anti-trans agenda, they’re going to doxx and try and get ageplayers shunned. Since the president has pulled back the veil, you’re going to see a ton of money spent on hating people like me, and more followers born from their efforts. This is the last grasp of Evangelical dominance in this country, and they’re not going out without a fight.

Expect to be called a bigot because you don’t tolerate the intolerant. Expect to hear antagonism on every front, friends and co-workers, in every comment section, in every political advertisement pushing the agenda that anything non-straight, non-cis, non-missionary should be hidden or punished. People are being told that “transgender people are forcing you to conform to their beliefs!” and so they rebel, and “disagree” or have an “opinion” about something. Confronting that one’s opinions might be wrong, to really think about an issue and to question your views, it’s so hard for so many but such an essential part of the human experience. Calling me “she” is an impossible task for someone who knows only what they’ve been taught, not open to what they could learn.

I’ve been very tired of this lately. I’ve always been very active in politics, the punk/anti-bush movement out of high school, Marijuana legalization and expanding Trans health care in the late 2000’s, The Occupy Movement in the early 2010s, now getting heavy into elections and local politics in PA, I’ve always wanted to be Mayor of a small town somewhere and realistically expect to someday. I’m not trying to wear myself out with posts like this, I just needed to vent a little.

I was going to just make a little warning about the alt-right posts about Ageplayers and ended up spilling my political angst. I usually keep the politics to my personal life, makes me feel like Batman and the least amount of attention I can draw to this community from trolls the better.

Basically, stay out of the comments, don’t engage trolls and don’t let the bastards get you down. I’ve had to check myself and my stress/anxiety levels, stick to single-player games for a while, been listening to more podcasts instead of news, avoiding reddit etc. You know those end of the world seed vaults on the Northpole? Reddit is like that but for terrible opinions.

This isn’t about the Anthony Padilla Video, the comments on that are pretty darn friendly. And the Buffalo Article was super friendly too, I just needed to remind myself to not get so bothered by things like this. We’ll have to weather this storm of trolls, but even in my little lifetime I’ve seen things change significantly for the better, I’m sure the older folks can speak to that as well. I’m going to spend a lovely day at a theme park with a friend and then come home and snuggle my bears, there’s no reason to add “get stressed out by the news” in my agenda.

Hugs, new pull-ups video soon!

I Spent A Day With… Adult Babies!

Here’s that Anthony Padilla video that i’ve been all excited to tell you about!

I can’t stand this thumbnail but overall it’s positive, with a little bit of an intimidating opening. I have lots to say about it, but it’s been a busy day with regular life stuff and I’m snuggling up with the bears for bedtime now πŸ™‚

More stuff soon!