I’ve been 24/7 for about a week now, except one night I dwas starting to get a rash. The only diapers I feel really safe in are the briefs or a really good pair of pull-ups, but I’m still VERY cautious.

So this is how I’m going to manage.

1- If I am home, I will be diapered. No exceptions. If I can’t ALWAYS be diapered at my own home, what’s the point in having my own place?

2- If I sleep, it will be in diapers. The only time I don’t go to sleep in diapers is if I’m up drinking with friends, and I stay over somewhere, but that’s the time I’m most likely to bed wet (stories soon). I just need to make sure before that last shot to get all cozy and diapered.

3- When I go to my regular job (promotions/canvassing for a not-for-profit) I will be diapered, no exceptions.

4- Every other situation diapers are a must. The only times I can’t see myself in diapers is…
-Doctors Visits
-Formal Event (premiere/wedding/funeral/gallery showing)

5- Mess at least once a week, to start getting more familiar with it. I’ve only messed a few times, but if I’m going to be diapered 24/7, I should at least try.

6- I’ve been a nail-biter all my life; I would always chew them up, even if they were painted. I have to stop doing that.

7- I will always powder/wipe after each change, douche 3 times a week, enema once a week, put lotion on my arms/legs before bed, and do avocado/biore face therapy 3 times a week.

8- When I can, I’ll listen to a hypnosis tape. I’ll write more about that soon, as well as post my hypnosis regiment and the files.

If I keep this regiment up, I should be a diapered bed wetter in no time!

2 thoughts on “Regiment

  1. I'm not telling you to but I think you should wear diapers to some formal events like: camping (because if you stay overnight you might not know what could happen) or galleries because they are long and not that many bathroom breaks.

  2. I'm not here to harsh you buz just to try and get an understanding of the concept of gaining pleasure from nocturnal emissions. I stopped the hypnosis tapes because it seems like it would be fun to experiament with but then again there is a lot to be said for not voiding your bladder while lying in bed.I kinda wish someone would invent a time release liquid container that you could via a hose to your diaper say goes off about 3:00 am. This way you could enjoy the accident without messing with your psyce, I mean hell your asleep anyway how will you know what the act of urinating horizonaly feels like the only thing you will know is that your diaper is realy wet and you don't have to use the bathroom right after you woke up. So I think the idea might be way better than the reality.

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