This is my basic Hygeiene set-up.

Every time i change my diapers, I use Luvs wipes at home, and toilet paper when I’m out. I use baby powder every time i change, unless I’m out when i use Baby-Ade diaper rash cream. I use Care-Rez lotion, and have recently started keeping myself smooth in my diaper area.

I give myself an enema 4 times a week, and that’s usually the only time i mess. When i give myself an enema, I put on a thick diaper and a pair of plastic pants, I wear a footed sleeper, put in my pacifier and get in my crib. I feel safe and secure, and I’ve even dozed off before the enema has effected me. I always hop in the shower afterwards, and i use a diaper genie to store my dirty diapers. I’ve noticed that people with somewhat “unclean” fetishes are often the cleanest when it comes to their space and life.

I’m a big fan of lotion and face cream, I make my own bath salts for christssake. Just taking a nice, warm bath with the right accessories makes you feel so much softer. Comment if you have any ideas, recipes, anything!

One thought on “Hygiene!

  1. Chiming in to say I like your blog and think you live a really interesting life. I could never go through the transgenerism because I'm too worried about hurting all the people/family i'm close to and frankly dont want it enough, but I identify with the urge to be female from a young age, not to mention the urge to be diapered from a young age too.

    Horribly complicated minds, but I'm glad its working out well for you.

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