I promise I won’t leave you again!

I’m back! I took a break from this blog for a little while, sometimes life gets so hectic that even the things that you love the most get pushed aside for family, friends and the future. But now I’m back, I have a new apartment, a frresh new outlook on life and plan to be as diapered as possible… all the time!

I’ve been wearing diapers pretty consistently for the last few weeks, and I’m starting to notice that it’s getting easier to wet, and instead of fully voiding, I just go a little as soon as I notice I have to, always keeping my bladder empty. I sleep on my side, and have started being able to wet in that position, which I couldn’t really ever do with any level of consistency. I’ve woken up the last few mornings with a strong urge to pee, 2 of the days I wet, and the other I had to stand up. I leaked this morning though, but not enough to make a mess. I have a pair of SaniPants
that i can wear to bed now, it’s been cooler where i live so I can actually spend time in diapers without sweating myself to a death (or at least a rash).

So I’m back, and I plan to update this blog much more consistantly, as well as ad more trans-oriented content. Thanks for reading!

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