My Nursery!

Here’s a few pictures of my nursery, I’m really happy about it. It’s where I keep my crib, plenty of diapers and baby things. I’ve finally gotten to the point where I can confortably have this set-up, and I hope it will inspire others to do the same. It’s is my place to rest, it makes me so happy to come home to my perfect little nursery. I’m going to put more things on the walls, I just recently moved in so I hope to make it even prettier, and maybe have a playmate over 🙂

With the Holidays comes Jenny

Here’s a video I took a while back with my friend Jenny, a “natural” girl (a fact she always brags about). she visits from university for the holidays and we always have fun together. She’s not really an AB, but when she has a pacifier and a diaper on she gets really cuddly and babyish, it’s really cute. I hope you all enjoy the video, there’s some nudity in this video, but nothing graphic. Enjoy!

Video taken down. See my private hosted content.

diaper porn hustlers from the internet and beyond

I’m pretty angry right now. The kind of anger that you know you can’t really do anything about, except tell others how you’ve been wronged, and hopefully prevent them from the same frustration. There’s a few diaper “porn” sites out there, called diaperlife and diaperfriend and more recently diaperlife, the only active one now being hiddendiaper. They steal copyrighted material from other diaper websites, as well as web shots of people and other online pictures, and charge a small fee to access these. It’s a total money grubbing scam. These sites are directly breaking the law as well as damaging honest diaper sites. This seems to go unnoticed by most of the community, and they continue to get members. From talking to people I’ve discovered that they have done this a few times with a few similar sites, and will most likely shut the site down, change servers and set up shop with a different site name.

About a year ago, i sent some pictures to an ab/dl guy I was friends with. I haven’t talked to him in years now but and somehow in the magic of the internet, one of the pictures was the “featured profile” on Granted, it was pretty lulzy but it made me think about posting my face on the internet a lot. I’m always afraid of people finding out who I am, I’ve always thought about this coming back and being embarrassing someday, especially if I get into filmmaking and the public eye. I’m really torn, I don’t want to have these pictures to be discovered by certain people and I don’t want to worry about stalkers etc, but that’s probably just paranoia.

Frankly, fuck all that though! if someone from high school sees pictures of me in diapers, what does that change? Whatever I do in my life, I want people to be able to look at this blog and think of it as “early work”, like all those pulp gangster movies Reagan made. I want to be proud of everything i do, and I really like taking pictures for all the folks reading this site, so I’d like some feedback on this face issue… and more pics to come soon!