little diapers and pads

When I was younger, about the same time i started wanting “protection” the girls around me in school were starting to mature and need it. I’m glad I didn’t have to experience menstruation, but it’s definitely a unique part of the female experience and partly a reason why there’s so few female AB/DL’s, it’s the same with incontinent people, if you require protection it’s hard to understand why someone who doesn’t need diapers would wear them. I haven’t found a pad I feel safe wetting in, but wearing a bladder control pad in my panties makes me feel like I’m one of the girls, uniquely feminine. Thankfully there’s women and incontinent people who enjoy the regression/wetting/cuteness factor of wearing diapers, but they’re few and far between.

Last night I took some pictures in my nursery of me wearing some lingerie and cute stuff. I really like the feel-and-learn girls pull-ups, they feel so much like a cloth diaper when you wet. I’m also wearing a small goodnite in the pictures, they still fit me and they hold an amazing amount, and they’re just so cute! The other pics are of me in an overnight serenity pad in a pair of my favorite panties, I haven’t seen any pictures of guys wearing pads, so I hope you enjoy them!

I wanted to say thanks again to everyone for reading and sending me kind E-mails and comments. I really enjoy doing this blog and I hope everyone enjoys the pictures. If you’re interested in additional pics or videos of me, I am open to making private videos for my fans, I can send the video online or mail a DVD of personalized video. I’m very open minded and you can ask me anything, I have a video camera and would love to make something personal. This is a totally free site, and anything you get me I will use for the site, I’d love some cute new clothes or diapers to show-off!

Thanks again and don’t forget to vote in the primaries!


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