We must free ourselves of Diaper Oppression!!!

I feel privileged that I can wear diapers whenever I want, there’s so many AB/DL people that have partners, parents or roommates that they don’t feel comfortable wearing around and can only wear in secret. I have a roommate that isn’t into diapers or anything like that, but he’s very kind and is very open-minded, I have a diaper genie and the house always smells fresh. Enemas are a harder pill to swallow for a lot of folks, but I’m really discrete and hygienic about all that, but I lived alone for over a year because I was so nervous, I always thought people would think I was a horrible pervert.

In school when I started wanting diapers and girl things but was still under the strict watch of parents and siblings, I would have to go to great lengths to hide my diapers. I had my own room by the time I was wearing but I have a curious family which meant constant awareness and suspicion, or at least me being constantly paranoid. I kept diapers in constantly changing places and learned how to coerce family members away from certain places. My favorite place my old dresser, I pulled out the drawer there was a bit of space between the drawer and the floor, so there was not chance of it getting found out.

As far as I know, my parents never found out, and probably never will. I’m sure they’d be fine with it, but It’s really none of their business, and I’ve always afraid that they would blame themselves, but I don’t think it’s a bad thing so the blame would come from nowhere. Parts of my family are very supportive and open about transgender and have the “family is family is family” mentality, and I don’t really see the part that gives me weird looks. My family are my friends, the people I spend every day with and love me as I am, and I love them in return.

If you are in the situation where you can’t wear diapers, figure out whats important to you, figure out what decisions you’ve made and which ones were made for you. Understand the limits of the person you’re with and work on getting them to expand them, if someone isn’t willing to be open minded and communicate about the needs of a important person in their lives, figure out why that is and what you can do to compromise. Diapers are a great part of my life that I find a great deal of comfort and peace in, and that calm can make the rest of your life much easier!

Poofy Dresses and 1st time as a girl

As I get a little bit older I realize how much in my life lead me to be transgendered. One of my earliest memories of being fascinated by feminine stuff comes from 4th grade, I was waiting at the bus stop after school and a girl in my class was going to a wedding and changed after school into the prettiest dress I’d ever seen. It was pink with little purple glitter and hearts, it was puffed out by petticoats to fairy-tale puffiness and I couldn’t keep my eyes off of it. I wanted to wear that dress more than anything, I wanted to touch it, and hear it crinkle when she moved. I was too nervous to say anything but I thought about that dress all the time, I didn’t have a crush on a girl and even now I’m not too into really frilly stuff, but that dress made me want to just be a pretty young girl in a cute poofy dress.

On the topic of petticoats, the first time I ever went to a public place dressed as a girl was when I was about 15 years old, a group of friends were going to san fransisco for a midnight movie and it was the kind of event where I knew I could dress as a girl and get away with it. I had a close friend who knew about all my girly desires and had a wardrobe to die for, so she set-me up with a great costume. I work a pink camisole, a big pink petticoat, strappy pink sandals and a rainbow colored training bra. She also gave me a pair of her panties which she said I should wear, I was going to wear my tighty-whitey undies I was sporting at the time, but she was persistent because she knew how nervous I can be and how much I wanted to go as a full-on girl. She did my make-up, we all went out and had a great time, I got lots of compliments and it gave me a lot of confidence that someday, somehow I could live as a girl.

Those panties, I was obsessed with them, it was nothing sexual but more a mere admiration and feeling of want. She was a small girl and they fit me perfect, I still talk to her on and off, she’s now in the stripping business and is doing well for herself. I smile when I look back at the time we spent together, these stories of my first attempts at being a girl cheer me up and remind me of why I live the way I do.