DIY Bondage!

I’m not going to pout, but I’m a pretty lonely girl when it comes to kinky playmates… I know there’s a bondage scene where I live and that I’m sure people would want to play with a little girl like me, but it’s too difficult to filter out the sex addicts and Ed Giens from the experienced Dom’s. I have something in my head that REALLY wants to be bound and controlled, so I just started doing it on my own.

All you really need to get started is one good belt with notches all around it and a couple pairs of panty-hose (easy to find and easy to chew through if you have to) I usually diaper-up with plastic panties and into some soft baby clothes and first bind my ankles together or to the sides of my crib with the panty-hose or a scarf, I bind them together or to the sides of my crib. I put a tight fitting belt around my knees and tighten it, my bulky diaper adds extra resistance, forcing my legs apart a little bit ensuring the belt won’t come off.
The next part is a little trickier, I have wrist cuffs but you can do it without them, just tie the scarf around one hand, then the other, and tighten with your teeth. I always make sure to have my pacifier on a clip so I don’t lose it and sometimes I keep a bottle close if I play for a while. I know I can easily get out of it but it still feels like I’m restrained. I’ve started to roll video while I’m bound, having people see me in a humiliated and desperate state is one of my biggest attractions to bondage, more tips soon!

24/7 Lessons

Wearing diapers 24/7 is great, the feeling of a constantly padded bottom and knowing that you can wet at any moment, the constant diaper changes and always smelling like powder are my fondest memories of wearing all the time. I wore 24/7 for about 3 months, I studied a long list of resources online to figure out what works best, I changed my diet and bought the best creams, wipes and powders. I was ready to endure the tough changes and the pure Joie de vivre of constant protection.

One of the first things I did was put all of my panties into a bag under my crib, out of sight out of mind, and organize all my diapers based on where/when I would be wearing them. I had goodnites and serenity pull-ups for the day and Attends and Depends for the night, lots of stuffers and my crib to come home to. Wetting the bed was my ultimate goal, I very rarely mess (never in public) and an AB/DL friend mentioned that I’m not really going 24/7 because I’m only wetting, but I’m definitely not sure if I’m up for messing all the time, the occasional safflower oil enema is enough for me.

When you go 24/7, you feel the difference. After a day I didn’t have to worry about flooding because I was constantly wetting, and after a week if I was out of a diaper even to get fresh air or take a shower, I sometimes felt a tinge to wet and having to hold it back. This feeling intensified over time, and after the second month I just felt like I had a constant flow, sometimes hardly even noticing it. I’m pretty young, and I haven’t been peeing as long as some people who have difficulty transitioning into an diaper-dependent state.

It was an emotional, challenging and endearing experience to go 24/7, but I could have saved some stress if I knew what I know now when I was younger. So here’s a quick list of things I have to add to the internet’s “becoming incontinent” knowledge base

ALWAYS have diapers on hand
If you have a backpack, laptop bag, glove box, gym bag, anything and everything should have an extra diaper in it. Even in your home, under the bathroom sink or in the garage, not just in your nursery. You never know where and when you might have to change, or sneak away to if you leak, and having a mental map of where all your diapers are is vital. If anything, keep baby diapers as emergency stuffers, they’re smaller and easier to hide. Also, coming out about incontinence is easier if someone stumbles upon your diapers in a place that a real incon person would keep them.

Know your Diapers!

A few times I was at work and would wet and be nervous enough about leaking to change, only to wet minutes later, putting me in the same situation I was in before I changed. This happened the most with the Serenity and Tranquility Pull-ups, mostly because I just wasn’t familiar with them. I’ve worn Goodnites for years and feel very comfortable in them, but have leaked many times and have gotten to know how full it can be before I have to change. Being familiar and confidant in your diaper is super-important!

Get into the mindset of being incontinent
I set standards for myself when I started wearing 24/7, If I’m wearing protection I have to be ale to wet it freely, whenever I felt the slightest urge. The second I felt the need to go, I had to be able to go, and if I couldn’t do that than there was no reason to wear a diaper. You have to practice cognitive dissonance by feeling as if you have to wear a diaper because if not, you will wet yourself. The mental re-training of your continence is just as important as the physical.

Drink lukewarm water consistently throughout the day, and always put a little dandelion into your tea (or start drinking tea if ya don’t) and drink lots of cranberry juice.

Here’s some resources that I found useful –
Here’s a very informative, concise PDF file hosted by the wonderful GayBabyDiaperHangout

Here’s a link to some hypnosis files I’ve edited to be used subliminally. Click this link, scroll down to the “free” download button and then wait the minute or so until a the timer runs down, then download for free.

Wikipedia has a huge article on incontinence and knowing the science behind it helps you visualize whats going on with your system.

There’s a plethora of sites and forums that have discussions about becoming incontinent and have further personal insights from people far more experienced than myself. It’s a giant undertaking, and I don’t know if someday I might want to try it again. I’ve learned that diapers are best at home, where i use a pacifier, wear a sleeper and as bulky of a diaper as I want.