First Video Blog!!!


Oh don’t you love technology! You’re sitting wherever in the the world you are and you can read my thoughts and dreams, and now I can read all the lovely little babies out there a story in my own nursery! I’ll be posting a new story every few days so be sure to check-in.

This post is full of firsts, this is my first video blog post and the first time I’ve ever had the confidence to show my face on my blog! I’m hoping that my confidence and openness will inspire others to be more open and learn that diapers are ok, and that nothing should hold you back from doing what you love. I’m also hoping that I don’t get a influx of creeps trying to find out my address and SSN.

So I hope you like the story, i was a little nervous and i’ll get better the more i read. Thanks and stay diapered!

My New Nursery!!!

I love moving! I love putting everything into a big box and going through all of your old stuff. I love decorating a new space and fresh fluffy carpet! I’ve got a brand new set-up for my nursery that is a bit easier for filming and made everything a little prettier. It’s still a work in progress but I couldn’t be happier with my cute little nursery!


The cornerstone of the AB/DL lifestyle is regression, many of us desire to be taken from our normal adult selves and be put into the mindset of a toddler. This can be expressed with dressing like a baby, eating baby food, talking like a baby, or being spanked and disciplined by a dominant figure, all of these actions mimic the lack of fashion independence, taste, speech and free choice, and there’s many different ways to turn someone into a baby…

The main desire is regressing ones continence, losing the lack of bowel and urinary function symbolizes what being a baby is, you can’t use the potty and wetting your diapers as an adult is inherently shameful. Only old people and bed-wetters wear diapers past baby-hood, and everyone had to wear them so everyone has the same stigma over them. I’m always interested in hearing about normal people wearing diapers for utility, but it’s usually truck-drivers and lazy sports fans, so the press for diapers is always kinda negative. So what happens when a respected member of the global community has to regress their body functions and become a diaper wearer?

Well, they don’t talk about it very much… Since the early 1990’s Astronauts are forced to wear diapers during take-off and landing and occasionally during long space-walks. In an attempt to not put our nations finest in a big comfy pair of diapers men and women Astronauts wore “Disposable Absorption Containment Trunk” a vaginal insert for women and a condom-catheter for men. There’s also a toilet on board for non-spacesuit time, one article pointed out that both sexes have to stand up to remove liquid waste through a tubing that has a really strong vacuum suction, which sounds pretty intense way to pee.

Eventually the uncomfortable DACT system was given up in exchange for MAG’s or “Maximum Absorbency Garment”, which is a polite name for a big bulky space-diaper. Made by a defunct company “Absorbencies” and outfitted with the 1000x absorbent sodium polyacrylate. The diaper is used for both bowel and urinary movements and is worn under the Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment, which looks like a footy sleeper from Logan’s Run. NASA spokespeople seem much more comfortable calling it a MAG than a diaper and I have yet to find any interviews or descriptions about wearing the undergarment I assume because most astronauts probably want to be seen as adventurers and heroes not diapered pants-wetters, and the mental image of John Glenn trying to change in zero-gravity brings a shiver to my spine.

There’s limited information online about Astronaut diapers, and all this diaper talk makes me excited about space travel! I’d love to hear more stories of non-diapered folks being regressed into diapers, please write pilots, bus drivers, surgeons, bored hospital staff trying something new, maybe even an astronaut could come out and anonymously post! I hope you enjoyed my quick overlook of astronaut diapers, and I’m glad i made it through this whole article without mentioning Lisa Nowak! Oh wait…

Pampers UnderJams

Goodnites are definitely one of my favorite diapers. They hold a lot more than you’d think and have the cutest little designs. Whenever I wear something sheer and need to wrangle my boy parts I wear a size Small/Medium Goodnite, it seriously works better than anything I’ve tried.

When I heard about Pampers “UnderJams” I was really optimistic. After a chat with my Pampers connect I learned that by the end of this month UnderJams will be on the national market, even sooner for Wal-Mart, K-mart and Target and on May 1st there will be a promotion on for some free samples in the US.

The diapers are Pampers attempt at a bedwetting diaper for teens and tweens. The boys style has a green waist band and is a white diaper with a custom core more in the front. The girls style has it’s core in the middle and has a purple waistband with a white diaper. It comes in two sizes, Small/Medium (38-65 Lbs) and Large/X-Large (58-85 Lbs). As any diaper enthusiast knows, the size charts are usually pretty loose, and I can fit into many diapers made for someone half my weight, so don’t worry fellow svelte diaper-girls, this product will probably fit us.

I’m always excited to see new diapers, especially for bigger people. This could be a negative thing, bigger diapers for more obese kids or maybe single parents are too busy to potty train their kids? Or maybe more people are just realizing that continence isn’t for them and that diapers are super comfy and way awesome? I can’t wait to try them, and I’ll take pics as soon as they come to my town, but i’m not stepping foot inside of Wal-Mart, even for new diapers.

DIY Self Bondage #2 (no pun intended)

I’ve been getting more creative with self-bondage, I’m trying to become more accustomed to being in difficult positions and being bound for longer times. When I goto bed in bondage I wake up in a strange comfortable state, taking off my restraints is like a cup of coffee, it signifies my transition from little helpless girl to productive confident woman.

I’ve wanted to emulate a lack of control but it took a bit of creativity to do it safely. I would never put myself into a situation where roommates, neighbors or firefighters would have to untie my kinky self. I’ve also worried about a fire or something, but that’s a chance I’m willing to take. Last night I did something pretty intense. I figured out a way to keep myself completely unable to release myself but still safe… and it was amazing!

Here’s the supplies, a combination lock, some chains wrapped in blankets and a room that is flooded with sunlight in the morning.. I memorized the combination on the lock and wrote it on my arm, waited until about 3 hours before sunrise, diapered myself very thickly and put in a glycerin suppository. I then bound my legs with a metal set of chains that I couldn’t break out of and attached my legs to the chains I tied around my wrists, connecting them very close to a bondage collar I wear with a D ring on the front of it, forcing my hands to go no lower than my chest. If you don’t have a collar you can tie the chain around your waist and put your hands behind your back, the whole point is forcing yourself to not touch your diapered parts and to be forced to use your diaper in a helpless state. Then make sure your windows are open and that you are comfortable, safe, etc, turn out the lights and close the lock.

When I tried this the first time I got a weird rush knowing that I was stuck, I wouldn’t be able to unlock the combination lock until it’s sunlight again (hoping that the sun comes up again, and if it doesn’t I’d rather not see what’s going on outside). At first I just struggled, tried to get comfortable and sucked on my pacifier. I realized how difficult it would be to wet in this position, but I drank so much water that I know I’ll have to. The glycerin started making me cramp almost as soon as I was bound, and I tried to hold it and worried about being soggy and cold and wet all night but I got to a point where I had to use my diapers and afterwards it’s always humiliating, even though no ones watching.

After I had a full diaper I just started drifting off to fantasy’s about being put into this state by a cruel hospital staff or a strong dominant daddy who knows how much his little girl needs to be controlled. In bondage your mind wanders to meditative states, a waking dream of fantasy’s and submission, time become non-linear and you forget how you were put into this situation, allowing you to become anyone, anywhere. Its amazing how restricted I feel with heavy chains all over my tiny body, sore from being 5’7’’ in a 5’2’’ crib.

When the sun started coming up I started waiting to be able to undo the lock, but focusing my mind on that made my drowsiness take over, and I fell asleep to wake up a few hours after sunlight. It took me a few minutes to get out of the chains, adding further frustration to my tired and soggy state, but once I showered and got all clean and diapered again, I felt relieved and sated. It’s a pretty intense thing to do to oneself, but its reasonably safe and a great way to be kept in bondage by the biggest daddy of them all… the sun!


I am SOOOO comfy right now! I was just sent a case of Abri-Forms from a fan of the blog (Hey there Daddy Mike!). I have to say, these are probably the best diapers I’ve ever worn! I love powdering up in the morning and not having to change until dark, then I change and wear the same wet diaper to sleep and wake up and wet, change and start all over again, they’re definitely a 18 hour diaper. I no longer have to think about complicated stuffer combinations and fear leaking, except I still leak if I wet while lying on my side. To all the babies that haven’t worn this amazing diaper, I highly recommend it!

Pro-tip – fold the diaper in half length ways a few times before wearing it, it helps make it a bit easier to absorb and less likely to run off the side, you also don’t get that square of bulk between your legs. Enjoy!