I am SOOOO comfy right now! I was just sent a case of Abri-Forms from a fan of the blog (Hey there Daddy Mike!). I have to say, these are probably the best diapers I’ve ever worn! I love powdering up in the morning and not having to change until dark, then I change and wear the same wet diaper to sleep and wake up and wet, change and start all over again, they’re definitely a 18 hour diaper. I no longer have to think about complicated stuffer combinations and fear leaking, except I still leak if I wet while lying on my side. To all the babies that haven’t worn this amazing diaper, I highly recommend it!

Pro-tip – fold the diaper in half length ways a few times before wearing it, it helps make it a bit easier to absorb and less likely to run off the side, you also don’t get that square of bulk between your legs. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Abri-Forms!

  1. yes I have tried xplus diapers. My ab daddy has order them for me before. Both cloth outer layer and the plastic outer layer. The cloth outer are pretty nice as well. They are a little bit
    more absorbant, they dont leak. Also the cloth outer layer diaper is triple threaded in the core internals of the diaper.Rather then the plastic layer diapers. The core internals of the diaper. Is solely made out of cotton ball diaper fuzzys. Plus the new Air plus Xplus are made out of eco friendly materials. Which is better for the Earth's environment.

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