Pampers UnderJams

Goodnites are definitely one of my favorite diapers. They hold a lot more than you’d think and have the cutest little designs. Whenever I wear something sheer and need to wrangle my boy parts I wear a size Small/Medium Goodnite, it seriously works better than anything I’ve tried.

When I heard about Pampers “UnderJams” I was really optimistic. After a chat with my Pampers connect I learned that by the end of this month UnderJams will be on the national market, even sooner for Wal-Mart, K-mart and Target and on May 1st there will be a promotion on for some free samples in the US.

The diapers are Pampers attempt at a bedwetting diaper for teens and tweens. The boys style has a green waist band and is a white diaper with a custom core more in the front. The girls style has it’s core in the middle and has a purple waistband with a white diaper. It comes in two sizes, Small/Medium (38-65 Lbs) and Large/X-Large (58-85 Lbs). As any diaper enthusiast knows, the size charts are usually pretty loose, and I can fit into many diapers made for someone half my weight, so don’t worry fellow svelte diaper-girls, this product will probably fit us.

I’m always excited to see new diapers, especially for bigger people. This could be a negative thing, bigger diapers for more obese kids or maybe single parents are too busy to potty train their kids? Or maybe more people are just realizing that continence isn’t for them and that diapers are super comfy and way awesome? I can’t wait to try them, and I’ll take pics as soon as they come to my town, but i’m not stepping foot inside of Wal-Mart, even for new diapers.

6 thoughts on “Pampers UnderJams

  1. Can't wait to try theses, I've never heard about them before this blog entry. Hope they will be released in Canada also (I'm from Quebec, Canada)

  2. I have bought a pack of the underjams and im a 34 inch waist and they fight me with plenty of room to spare i love the design and the strectch there are super absorbent one can last me for a full day the only complaint is the new low waist kind of sucks because if ur a guy it creates a space problem down there if ur dicks 2 big

  3. i got these underjams when they first came out.i got the xlarge and the sides start to rip!!im a 34in just because somebody has a 34inch waist and can wear them with no problems it does not mean they will fit you if you have a 34in waist.the person might have a small butt!!!the samething wih baby diapers size six and seven.

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