The cornerstone of the AB/DL lifestyle is regression, many of us desire to be taken from our normal adult selves and be put into the mindset of a toddler. This can be expressed with dressing like a baby, eating baby food, talking like a baby, or being spanked and disciplined by a dominant figure, all of these actions mimic the lack of fashion independence, taste, speech and free choice, and there’s many different ways to turn someone into a baby…

The main desire is regressing ones continence, losing the lack of bowel and urinary function symbolizes what being a baby is, you can’t use the potty and wetting your diapers as an adult is inherently shameful. Only old people and bed-wetters wear diapers past baby-hood, and everyone had to wear them so everyone has the same stigma over them. I’m always interested in hearing about normal people wearing diapers for utility, but it’s usually truck-drivers and lazy sports fans, so the press for diapers is always kinda negative. So what happens when a respected member of the global community has to regress their body functions and become a diaper wearer?

Well, they don’t talk about it very much… Since the early 1990’s Astronauts are forced to wear diapers during take-off and landing and occasionally during long space-walks. In an attempt to not put our nations finest in a big comfy pair of diapers men and women Astronauts wore “Disposable Absorption Containment Trunk” a vaginal insert for women and a condom-catheter for men. There’s also a toilet on board for non-spacesuit time, one article pointed out that both sexes have to stand up to remove liquid waste through a tubing that has a really strong vacuum suction, which sounds pretty intense way to pee.

Eventually the uncomfortable DACT system was given up in exchange for MAG’s or “Maximum Absorbency Garment”, which is a polite name for a big bulky space-diaper. Made by a defunct company “Absorbencies” and outfitted with the 1000x absorbent sodium polyacrylate. The diaper is used for both bowel and urinary movements and is worn under the Liquid Cooling and Ventilation Garment, which looks like a footy sleeper from Logan’s Run. NASA spokespeople seem much more comfortable calling it a MAG than a diaper and I have yet to find any interviews or descriptions about wearing the undergarment I assume because most astronauts probably want to be seen as adventurers and heroes not diapered pants-wetters, and the mental image of John Glenn trying to change in zero-gravity brings a shiver to my spine.

There’s limited information online about Astronaut diapers, and all this diaper talk makes me excited about space travel! I’d love to hear more stories of non-diapered folks being regressed into diapers, please write pilots, bus drivers, surgeons, bored hospital staff trying something new, maybe even an astronaut could come out and anonymously post! I hope you enjoyed my quick overlook of astronaut diapers, and I’m glad i made it through this whole article without mentioning Lisa Nowak! Oh wait…

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