First Video Blog!!!


Oh don’t you love technology! You’re sitting wherever in the the world you are and you can read my thoughts and dreams, and now I can read all the lovely little babies out there a story in my own nursery! I’ll be posting a new story every few days so be sure to check-in.

This post is full of firsts, this is my first video blog post and the first time I’ve ever had the confidence to show my face on my blog! I’m hoping that my confidence and openness will inspire others to be more open and learn that diapers are ok, and that nothing should hold you back from doing what you love. I’m also hoping that I don’t get a influx of creeps trying to find out my address and SSN.

So I hope you like the story, i was a little nervous and i’ll get better the more i read. Thanks and stay diapered!

7 thoughts on “First Video Blog!!!

  1. Thanks for the story. I love Frog and Toad. You're very courageous showing your facing. That's a big step.


  2. hi Riley how are you? I did read your very first blog.
    I did like story time very much. I remember that book
    frog and the turtle when I was very little. I did like
    how you mimic the character voices as well. I love doing
    that too as well. Since I am studying cartoon and computer animation. One of the classes we had to take was voice acting.
    For chartoon character, to be able do voice overs for cartoon characters. It was so much fun it felt being. In preschool all
    over again. Pretending to be our favorite chartoon character.
    By the way you do have a very cute nursery I love the pink theme to it. The canopy looks very adorable as well. Did you
    get the crib custom built? Or Did you buy it on a adult baby
    website? Could you give me any recomandations.Of were to buy
    nursery furniture for a good price. Keep up the good work. I do look forward to read. More of you blogs, very soon as well also.

  3. Hi you are cute.
    enjoyed parts of blog I read.
    story was nice.Just Remember
    the Religous world may put you down.
    But thats not God.God Loves You
    for You!Read the Bible yourself.
    Not king james ver.(hard to read)
    He loves you male/female in bootys
    and pullups if thats you.He,s like a
    big Daddy.And want to get to know you.Talk to him.

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