Footy Sleeper Fashion Show!

I love footy sleepers so much! If I would have gotten the bunny sleeper from “A Christmas Story” as a kid I would have been soooo happy! I wear them all winter whenever I’m at home, it’s been hpot here and you can almost see me sweating in the video. I hope you like seeing all my sleepers, vote and tell me which one you like the most!

7 thoughts on “Footy Sleeper Fashion Show!

  1. Hehe I agree nighties would be great as the nights get warmer.

    But if I had to choose, the one you went to the party in is the cutest one I think. BTW get on aim more 🙂

  2. You should do a consumer review of your footie pajamas. I have some of my own mostly custom made . I definatly think there should be a sequel in the near future. I like the blue ones and the red ones I am more of a solid color person.

  3. i cant pick a favorite, but i can pick a least favorite. the boys one with the footballs. just doesnt seem to fit your style 🙂

  4. really cute, i like the blue one, maybe because i have one like this (sorry for my english, i'm french 😉 ).

    So, this is a nice blog and fun vidéo (even if i need to replay for understand lol)

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