Stuffers Tutorial!!!

Stuffing Diapers is the best way to go about wearing a big bulky diaper and having hours and hours of wet fun without changing.diapers so fluffy that you can hardly walk in is what so many AB’s desire that I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve learned. Also, when i mention “pull-ups” i generally mean little kids pull-ups, at least in this video. I hope you enjoy the video and more to come soon!

6 thoughts on “Stuffers Tutorial!!!

  1. Hi, I just saw this video and I think you're so adorable in it with your pigtails 🙂

    I like different aspects to being little as well as wearing a nappy (which I only did once, and it was a cloth one btw). I *love* sucking my dummy and having someone to tuck me into bed, things like that.

  2. Hello Riley!

    Yepp, you´re cute but with pigtails you´re cutest and i like your glasses. 🙂
    btt: If i use disposable didees, i use stuffers too.
    But i use a cutter knive to make many short cuts in the protective surface of my stuffers.

    As Stuffers i use mostly Moliform Super.
    These are the most absorband Inserts from Hartmann.

    And in your Video you mentioned the smallest Pull Ups for Kids as a Gaffe.
    That´s nice bit you must perforate the PullUp also…
    Did you ever try a crotchless latex panty???
    I have now over seven pairs of them. All of them in white.
    It´s so nice to wear them.
    My sissy balls are tucked upwards and my little sissy clitty is strongly pointed backwards between my tighs. Only the tip of my clitty shows out in the crotch.
    even the big busines (number two´s) are possible.
    If you want, look at my account on

    Keep on blogging….

    Hugs and Kisses,

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