Underjams Review!

I was so excited today when I got saw the package of UnderJams sitting on the Target shelf with all the other brightly colored diapers and training pants.

I’ve been anticipating the UnderJams for months much like everyone else has been anticipating Speed Racer, and ironically both of them were disposable and filled with fluff. I wasn’t impressed with the packaging, there’s hardly any info and doesn’t say anything about enuresis like the Goodnites package and its kinda a sickly purple color (the boys is the worst, its like pea green but faded, I guess pastels are more “grown-up” than solid colours).

The weight limit is 85lbs on the L-XL size, but I bet these could fit 130lbs+ depending on waist size if stretched correctly (see video).These are basically just a larger version of the other Pampers Pull-Ups product which is really cool, they’re very modern and feel really soft. A lot of babies don’t like pull-ups because most adult sized ones are pretty bad. I’m barely out of the target age group for this product, so it feels really nice to wear something so cute that fits so well… I always feel like a little girl when I wear them!
So, these are pretty neat diapers, but as you can see in the video I’m still wearing an abri-form. I love cute little diapers but nothing makes me more comfy than a really big bulky diaper!

12 thoughts on “Underjams Review!

  1. I am about twice your size and can NOT fit into goodnights, but I tried underjams after seeing your first post about them. I found mine at Walmart though. great news is I CAN fit into them! (YAY!) and they swell up like babydiapers wonderfully! I just did a full wetting, no holding back, without leaking!

  2. All your videos got taken down – Apparently within the last couple hours, because I just watched the underjams one. This infuriates me. Youtube and Myspace both seem to be targeting the ABDL community.

    There used to be an ABDL youtube-like site, but it seems to be gone now – *sigh*

    have you ever been on diaperspace.com? it has video hosting.. as for the people, it is marginally better than ABY etc.
    my profile is http://www.diaperspace.com/KxWaal

  3. I got the underjams at target, but you can get them at Wal-Mart, K-mart and a bunch of other places or just order them on Amazon. Try your best not to get them at Wal-Mart!

    I am so amazed at how much they can stretch, but the observance he is somewhat of an issue. When the stretch that much because my bladders a lot smaller than somebody twice my size.. but I bet they look super cute on you!

  4. I bough a package of them, I can fit in them but they rip on their sides, I'll try the stretch trick to see if they fit any better, they are really awesome, I like thick diapers so I wear 1 underjam covered with a GoodNites on top and a cheap medium size adult diaper with 3 tabs on each side, makes it thick really comfy and leakproof.

  5. Because we had a coupon, we recently decided to try Pampers Underjams. We have used Goodnites in the past and before that were users of Huggies diapers. Since my daughter is growing, and has the occasional night time accident, we use a sleep pant at night time for good measure. While pleased with Goodnights, we liked the idea of the better fit with Underjams. They are true to their advertising when describing the cut and fit. Can't go wrong there. They also have a much softer feel than Goodnights, which we also prefer. My daughter has not yet had an accident while wearing them, so I cannot attest to the absorbency or leak protection..HOWEVER….I can say that there is one feature that I think, in my opinion, makes them a poor value. My daughter is a slim child, so weight will have no issue with what I am about to share. The underjams, I feel, are not as well constructed as Goodnights. The deficiency seems to be with the side attachment. My daughter has had to awaken me twice thus far to tell me that “her panties are loose”. I have had to get up and get her a new panty as hers had come completely apart during normal sleep. While the panty was dry both times, it simply did not hold up even for the entire night. On several other occasions, we awaken in the mornings to find a dry panty but nearly torn half way up the side. We bought the small/medium. My daughter is tall and slim and weighs 50 lbs., certainly well within the poundage range on the bag. While I am otherwise happy with the underjam, I would not recommend it to others because of the side construction problem and further personally consider them, because of that fact, to be a poor value.

  6. my went trough and completely absorbed it and leak on the sides what should i do?please give me some advice was using a small/medium GIRLS because they don't have any boys

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