Bike Assault or "at least he didn’t piss on me"

I feel like a broken little baby bird… It’s summer time so I ride my bike everywhere, and sometimes I ride really early in the morning, and unfortunately some of the drunks are still around from the night before wandering around like zombies that you can’t legally kill. So I left for work and this drunk douchebag was relieving himself in the street. When I rode past him, I tried my best to not acknowledge him but he kicked his back foot out right into my back tire and made me crash my bike.

I’m lucky about a couple things, I was wearing a helmet which got totally scratched up, but I’d probably be in the morgue right now if I wasn’t wearing my cute, pink bicycle helmet. I’m a lucky girl, because the guy realized what he did and ran away the second I crashed, I was basically incapacitated for a couple minutes and dude could have added insult to injury by stealing my bike or worse. Stuff like that happens where I live every once in a while but this was just a stupid drunk, as opposed to a rapist or thief. I’m also lucky that my bike is fine, I got a lot more banged up than it did. All in all, I came out with a broken wrist (not fractured and not sprained, broken), and quite a bit of road rash and further distrust for my fellow man… I got a super cute pink cast though J

I’ve been using a voice recognition program that actually works pretty good. If you say “smiley face” it makes a little 🙂 but even better, when you say “frowny face” It makes a 😦 , I didn’t even think frowny was a word, Microsoft Word and blogger don’t think it’s a word. So, if you get an e-mail from me or read a post that has kind of weird verbiage, it’s the program. I try my best to edit but sometimes it comes out with weird Engrish that I don’t notice.

Once the road rash clears up a little bit I’ll take some pictures of me in the UnderJams, I promise! To be honest. I’ve always felt really creepy about it, but I like the pictures on websites like CareFet. I guess it’s just a bit of a medical fetish, I’m not talking about getting casted for thrills, but if I was incapacitated somehow and had to wear diapers, that’s kind of some weird little fantasy. It’s no fun if you actually have broken bones so the concept is a little too far-fetched for me.

I’m going to go get some delicious comfort food (one of those giant frozen lasagna’s) and I just wanted to say if you haven’t seen me around for awhile, I apologize, but this little birdie needs to tend to her wounds.

14 thoughts on “Bike Assault or "at least he didn’t piss on me"

  1. That really sucks that someone could be that mean to someone as nice and cute as you. I know broken bones suck the worst part is how it itches. I hope you don't hurt too bad and I just want to wish you well

  2. that sucks I had a cast on my leg for 6 weeks because I had surgery
    on my right leg. It wasn't bad but when my cast was being taken off I felt very werd But don't worry about that.

    Hope you get well soon!!! 🙂

  3. that's the worst. and i thought it was bad around here!

    i've had people scream at me from three lanes away 'use the sidewalk!' even though i am going the same speed as traffic and not only is it illegal to ride on the sidewalk (i don't care about the law, anyway) but dangerous!

    i always anticipate the comments from meatheads from the suburbs, but my all time favourite comment has to be a twelve year old on a school bus shouting:
    get a car, you faggot!

    i've only been hit by a car once (though really i hit them) but i get a lot of close calls. what kind of bike do you ride?

  4. that sucks…i've only been hit once but i get yelled at all the time

    too often it's people three lanes away telling me to use the sidewalk even though i'm going faster than traffic
    and i always anticipate the meathead suburbanites taking the train in for st patrick's day
    but my all time favourite was a twelve year old on a school bus telling me to 'get a bike, faggot'

    today a cop gave me the jerking off motion as i rode by


  5. oww I know about broken bones, including wrists, almost two years ago I took a big fall and broke my wrist, ankle, elbow and worst of all my face suffered many brakes including my upper jaw and cheedk bones on each side and my nose was turned into cornflakes.

    At least as young as you are you should heal up nicely and be fit as a fiddle fairly soon. Good luck and keep up the good work you are doing 🙂

  6. You're quite attractive. Too bad I'm already married and too old and in the wrong state. I'm so totally in the closet about both my ab/dl and tg/bi tendancies. I wonder all the time about how my life might be if I had come out at 15 when all those feelings really came to the surface. Instead I hid it and now I'm 38, married with a 12 year old daughter, and full of regrets. My wife is the only person I've ever come out to (not counting anonymous net stuff), and while she accepts me anyway, she just doesn't get it and won't participate in my fantasy world. What could have been, I'll never know. I do know that I'll never stop wondering what could have been. I envy you.

  7. Riley,
    found your blog today because of youtube. I'm glad I did. Although there aren't a lot of posts, what is there is great and I'm glad that you finally decided to do some video podcasts.
    For the record, I like the frog footie pajamas.
    I absolutely love your new room! Right now I have roommates, they know, but I can't have a full on nursery yet.
    I added your youtube to my favorites, and subscribed. Keep it up, I may go 24/7 because of you. -Ami

  8. I wanted to add a second comment. You're right on with the stretch for the Underjams. I'll have to wait and see if they don't pull apart overnight.
    For all of your readers, try them! The Underjams are great.

  9. Riley,

    Sorry to hear about your broken wrist =( , that really sucks, i broke both my wrists falling out of a treehouse once a few years ago(school was really fun after that). Hope you get well soon, and may this little text hug cheer you up.

    <( " )>

  10. wow riley if that was me ill kicked that person's ass if he did that to me real. he will be deid right now if he did that.
    people buy the way i just wha to now if u can see one of my blog's
    see what u thank about that.
    o riley men if that person do that to u again kick that person's assss ok.

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