dogs and franken

Hello true believers! I’m sorry I haven’t been updating the whole broken wrist thing and a big, wonderful thing in my life is happening which I’ll tell you about really soon! Until then, here’s a picture of me and Al Franken taken a while back, if i recall that was the last time i ever wore a tie. At the bottom is a picture of me with my pink cast and my dear friends lovable albino mutt 🙂

Less filler soon, my life is changing and so is the blog, Thanks for reading!

(Disclaimer: I love life and the reason the picture looks so washed out is because it was taken on a phone…)

14 thoughts on “dogs and franken

  1. I was just looking at your old posts and I saw that you have ninja turtle sheets that I used to have as a kid.. I might even still have them.. They were so epic! How old are you now? We seem like very similar people, only i'm not anywhere near as committed as you, except in my mind all the time :-). You're a very brave person, I love the site; I'm glad I found it.

  2. Hi! i'm new to your blog and would just like to say it's amazing! Very interesting read, and very informative. your video about underjams was the reason i just went out and bought a pack! haha i love you for that i just have to say… they're awesome! keep up the amazing work! i'm excited to see what the future holds!

    p.s. you're very cute even if you got a little extra between the legs! dont let anyone get to you about that!!! you are who you are and i think the road you're on seems like it fits you perfect!!


  3. I just found your blog. Thanks soooooo much for all of your wonderful resources! I have a quesion, however; could you give us a few hints on how to appear more feminine? I would like to try going dressed in public, but I'm not sure if I would pass. You look just like a girl, so please tell us your secret!

  4. Heya! Discovered your blog a little while ago (not quite sure how…) and love it! It's great to see someone be so open about these issues and interests and putting them out there.

    Are you on diaperspace? It'd be great to see you and your videos on there!

  5. HI! I just came across you on you tube and I had to come see what your site was all about. You've got a great little place here, i shall visit often.

    I know it must be very difficult to be stuck with an injury, only best wishes, i hope you heal up soon. I hope to see you and your videos a lot more.

    Morgan Rose

  6. Hi!, I like very much your blog, I hope that soon you should feel better and we could see new videos. Get well soon. Greetings from Mexico.

  7. I *adore* the new layout and URL – I was worried when I couldn't access you earlier today, but I'm glad it was only temporary. Good luck on your wrist healing ❤

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