let’s get personal

My life has changed exponentially over the past 2 months, I traveled all over during this big adventure, so this is whats been going on… I moved from sunny California to New England, and its great here. I have always been a California Girl, I love the beach and sunshine and have never been around snow. I loved the city life, parties and belligerent freedom, guerilla art and a gentrification free existence. On my bike I could explore everywhere I wanted in a town I was growing too familiar with. So a few months ago I packed up my adventurers spirit and my video camera and came to New England. I’m really happy here and hope to start transitioning very soon, I eat and live healthy, I quit smoking cigarettes (nicotine blocks estrogen), and most of all, I have had so many experiences (positive and negative) as a woman that I’m totally ready, I know it’s what I really want and I’m totally content. I am finally settled here and I’ll keep everyone posted on my whole process, from my first doctor’s appointment to when the last bandage is removed from my Gender Reassignment surgery.

So here I am… I willl be posting 2 more story time videos before the week is over, my wrist is still healing but dig the new site, check my RSS FEED and more stuff soon!

my my what a strange toilet

I recently went to a Japanese Film Festival in New York, I read they showed Sukiyaki Western Django, a film done in phonetic English, the Japanese actors have no real idea what they’re lines mean throughout the film so it’s suppose to create a really strange dynamic. The director, Takashi Miike is a stone cold genius, he’s made a whole catalog of extremely violent and perverted films, including one of my favorites, Ichi the Killer, and while you’re on youtube type in “Japanese toilet training” for some lulz. I love cuddly cute stuff more than anything, but theres definitely a part of me that loves media focused around horror and violence, but like Norman Bates said, I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Well, I missed that but I did get to see the OpenArt animation segment that featured some cool claymation and digital art, I had a Sapporo and really needed to change, and when I went into the girls room I found this

They had a really fancy toilet, I think it was like a toilet and a bidet built into one, it had this little control panel and everything. I didn’t press any of the buttons or anything for fear of toilet water spraying all over the place, but i still thought it was pretty cool.

I’m a really hygenic girl, even in wet or messy diapers you’ll never smell a thing and I never stay in them for very long, and the idea of having anybody else’s bodily “stuff” anywhere near me is gag-worthy. So when I wash, I have a puff (everyone should get one, they’re awesome and make great decorations when you’re done with them) that is mine and mine alone, the idea of a parade of people washing their asses before I wash my ass with said asswashing tool is pretty gross. I’m sure it’s really hygenic and way better than toilet paper, but that little American in my head is screaming “omg ewwww”.

I guess it’s silly anyway, I always have everything I need in my diaper bag, I never even have to lift the lid… reason #16,489 why I love diapers!

Sex Musuem

Oh wow. I went to the Museum of Sex in New York City on my most recent visit.

I was under the impression that they had some sort of Adult Baby representation, but unfortunately it was their previous installation “Kink” that was totally focused on fetishism, something I would have loved to see. They currently have “Action” in exhibition, it’s mostly focused on sex and the moving image, they basically have a big room filled with repeating porno including a great clip reel of revolutionary sexual moments in film. This includes scenes from John Waters and Russ Meyers films, interesting celebrity videos like the John Wayne Bobbit porno made after his penis was resewn on (avoid this one), and of course the pool scene from “Fast Times at Ridgemont High”. My favorite bit of video the earliest known stag film, 1915’s “A Free Ride” which also goes by the much funnier name, “Grass Sandwich”.

It’s a pretty small museum, about 3 hours, but definitely worth the money and time. It’s definitely made for mainstream audiences and is a museum of sex, not fetish, but still explores a lot of really taboo subjects from prostitution to Real Dolls. The only AB/DL stuff I saw there was the coffee table book “The Babies” in their store, but the price was a little steep so I decided to just wait until I’m in the next one or eventually make one myself… optimistic little girl aren’t I?

Anyway, it was a hoot, if anyone has pictures or info about the “Kink” exhibit, I’d love to share it. Thanks for reading, and here’s a picture of me with a goofy look on my face in Times Square.

Storytime! – Millions of Cats

Hey Everyone! I’ve uploaded a new story, i love this one so much and I totally forgot about it until I saw it sitting on a shelf at Veterinarian Hospital thrift store. I would post a picture of my kitty on here, but I couldn’t get her to sign a 2257 form.

Enjoy the Storytime! Expect these a lot more often, ideas/comments appreciated!

UnderJams Photos!!!

Hey everyone! I finally took the underjams photos and got the site back up to working order, it’s still not perfect yet but I’ve learned a lot about HTML, and these photo’s were edited with Gimp, this free photo editor that’s pretty good, but i miss my copy of photoshop. More stuff soon and I’ll take pictures of the other kind of underjams soon!

bear with me

Welcome to ProtectionBlog!

Ok, If you’re still with me on this, the blog is almost finished! Sorry about the ads, but they’re will be alot of cool stuff very soon! suggestions, comments are appreciated, but be gentle, I’m just one girl up against an army of code that I hardly understand. I took my frustration out with that bear picture, and I apologize 😛

Anyway, i just finished downloading CS3 so i can shoop-da-woop and start putting those nice new RileyKilo.com tags on my pics. Check back when the site is awesome!