UnderJams Photos!!!

Hey everyone! I finally took the underjams photos and got the site back up to working order, it’s still not perfect yet but I’ve learned a lot about HTML, and these photo’s were edited with Gimp, this free photo editor that’s pretty good, but i miss my copy of photoshop. More stuff soon and I’ll take pictures of the other kind of underjams soon!

16 thoughts on “UnderJams Photos!!!

  1. You are *so* adorable, and those underjams look great!
    If you're still hurting for Photoshop, I've got a 'semi-extended-forever-trial wink-wink-nudge-nudge version that fits on a thumbdrive, if you have no moralistic problems with such XD If you'd like to add me on MSN I can send you a copy of it?~ reeena_x_riiikku@msn.com is moi.

  2. How cute! Nice pictures; it looks like those new underjams might fit me, so I may give them a try. Thanks, Riley!

  3. …yowzers those Molicares are thick in comparison. Jeez, its like looking at a novel in comparison to a short essay.

    Nice work on the site, Riley. Good stuff *thumbs up*.

    Hope things are going well for you.

  4. Hi Riley!

    Congrats to the new Blog.
    I found your pics on abkingdom.com too. Unfortunately they have moved your pics to the Boy´s section now. 😦

    you say, that you work with the Gimp too. I had it on my Linux Machines and it was a great Tool. Now i have it for Window$ too and its cool cuz its for free. 🙂
    Another good Freeware program is Pixia. It has not as much functions as Gimp but it is faster and less complicatet.
    Its ideal for resizing pics while online.
    unfortunateliy it comes in german and i don´t know if there is a english version.
    but its worth a try.

    keep on blogging riley.
    Michaela from Germany.

  5. Hey Love you blog and love both your photos and review of the under jams
    Would love to talk some more with you, over mail or im if you want to
    if you still need help with your site you can mail or im they should be in my profil

    Love Christina

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