Storytime! – Millions of Cats

Hey Everyone! I’ve uploaded a new story, i love this one so much and I totally forgot about it until I saw it sitting on a shelf at Veterinarian Hospital thrift store. I would post a picture of my kitty on here, but I couldn’t get her to sign a 2257 form.

Enjoy the Storytime! Expect these a lot more often, ideas/comments appreciated!

2 thoughts on “Storytime! – Millions of Cats

  1. That was a cute reading of that book. My mom used to read it to me when I was little, too, but I remember disliking it…probably because of the hand-written type.

    You are a really convincing girl, possibly because you look so unassuming. When I think “M-to-F transgendered,” I think of heavy eyeshadow and ridiculous heels.

    Can you explain more about why you're into diapers? I find it interesting as a limited sexual fetish, but what you do is way beyond that. I noticed that you'd mentioned it briefly before–so it's mostly a comfort thing?

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