5 thoughts on “dam good time

  1. Gosh Riley, you are just so adorable. How long did you have to walk to get to the damn? XD I mean, doing it in a skirt and diaper (especially a big'n like molicare) is probably not something I've had have the courage to do. But then, you spent some time 24/7 for a bit, didn't you? So it's probably nothing new :3

    Anyway! Adorable pictures (especially your curtsey ♥) and I look forward to more~

    (damn fangirls, always wanting more..)

  2. Dear Riley,
    I have to admit I do not understand what you are doing but from your pics you look like you have been a girl all of your life. If I saw you on the street I would have no Idea that you are a boy.
    When looking at your pics I can't emagin you being a boy your to dam cute.and that is coming from a straight guy.
    Best wishes for your surgery and I hope life gives you what you truely want. Donny. If you want to, you may respond to donnyba@yahoo.com only. Peace.

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