my my what a strange toilet

I recently went to a Japanese Film Festival in New York, I read they showed Sukiyaki Western Django, a film done in phonetic English, the Japanese actors have no real idea what they’re lines mean throughout the film so it’s suppose to create a really strange dynamic. The director, Takashi Miike is a stone cold genius, he’s made a whole catalog of extremely violent and perverted films, including one of my favorites, Ichi the Killer, and while you’re on youtube type in “Japanese toilet training” for some lulz. I love cuddly cute stuff more than anything, but theres definitely a part of me that loves media focused around horror and violence, but like Norman Bates said, I wouldn’t hurt a fly.

Well, I missed that but I did get to see the OpenArt animation segment that featured some cool claymation and digital art, I had a Sapporo and really needed to change, and when I went into the girls room I found this

They had a really fancy toilet, I think it was like a toilet and a bidet built into one, it had this little control panel and everything. I didn’t press any of the buttons or anything for fear of toilet water spraying all over the place, but i still thought it was pretty cool.

I’m a really hygenic girl, even in wet or messy diapers you’ll never smell a thing and I never stay in them for very long, and the idea of having anybody else’s bodily “stuff” anywhere near me is gag-worthy. So when I wash, I have a puff (everyone should get one, they’re awesome and make great decorations when you’re done with them) that is mine and mine alone, the idea of a parade of people washing their asses before I wash my ass with said asswashing tool is pretty gross. I’m sure it’s really hygenic and way better than toilet paper, but that little American in my head is screaming “omg ewwww”.

I guess it’s silly anyway, I always have everything I need in my diaper bag, I never even have to lift the lid… reason #16,489 why I love diapers!

One thought on “my my what a strange toilet

  1. Is it particularly nerdy that I noticed from your picture properties that you got CS3 working? XD

    You should also *so* write me back, one day. Only if you want.

    I've seen toilets like that before, actually, but I usually skitter away from them and find one with toilet-paper which is – I know – undoubtedly less hygienic, but it's the norm and I don't deal with change so well :3

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