let’s get personal

My life has changed exponentially over the past 2 months, I traveled all over during this big adventure, so this is whats been going on… I moved from sunny California to New England, and its great here. I have always been a California Girl, I love the beach and sunshine and have never been around snow. I loved the city life, parties and belligerent freedom, guerilla art and a gentrification free existence. On my bike I could explore everywhere I wanted in a town I was growing too familiar with. So a few months ago I packed up my adventurers spirit and my video camera and came to New England. I’m really happy here and hope to start transitioning very soon, I eat and live healthy, I quit smoking cigarettes (nicotine blocks estrogen), and most of all, I have had so many experiences (positive and negative) as a woman that I’m totally ready, I know it’s what I really want and I’m totally content. I am finally settled here and I’ll keep everyone posted on my whole process, from my first doctor’s appointment to when the last bandage is removed from my Gender Reassignment surgery.

So here I am… I willl be posting 2 more story time videos before the week is over, my wrist is still healing but dig the new site, check my RSS FEED and more stuff soon!

13 thoughts on “let’s get personal

  1. Hi there Riley, your blog is awesome. I've kept up with it for the past week or so. Reading some of the stuff you have posted has made me more confident about my ABDL self, and has made me want to try wearing outside of my home more. Your video's are great, I wanta go try some underjams now.
    I hope everything goes well with your whole transition! the whole new england area is wonderful, I've been there twice, and I loved it so much.

    Have a great day!


  2. Hey, well done on the move and congratulations on being prepared to go ahead with the reassignment! Rough road but you'll do great 🙂

    Ronan – Ireland.

  3. Your so brave in so many ways, it must be exciting to just pick up and move like that. I hope you enjoy New England.
    I thought you had already started transition because your so feminine and pretty, but good luck with it anyway. Definitly keep your fans and admirers posted every step of the way!

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Skylark – UK

  4. Wow. Great blog, very cute, adorable really. May you have a great life in diapers and in transition. I love your videos, and look forward to more entries. (I'm listed as babybottom on aby.com)

  5. I have been enjoying your blog for a while now, mostly because I am into most of what you are and it is nice to run into another T-girl who is into diapers.

    Good luck on the move.

  6. Riley
    I love your posting on AB/DL stuff and we wish you were back with us in the U.S.A. . Take care and keep up the great work

    thank you
    Mark aka Magen

  7. Hey Riley, male AB and DL. From your videos I figured you for a girl, a little tom-boyish. I think your awesome. Your blog is awesome too. I would consider dating you in a second. Keep up with the great videos and blog. Your an inspiration to us all.

  8. kudos to you, it's such a brave thing that you're doing and it seems like everyone is so proud of you for doing what you want. yikes.. so you haven't experienced the snow quite yet. i hope everything goes peachy for you. question for you though, or anyone who is an ab/dl. i've loved diapers since i was really young and although the feelings never completely go away, they tend to come and go. i'm not sure why.. any thoughts?

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