Before I left California, one of my favorite spots was Santa Cruz. I had a bunch of friends that went to UCSC so we’d spend many nights and days hanging out on the beach, doing the sorts of things young, horny, adventurous kids do. Bonfires, surfing (body boarding for me), beach barbecues and hippies everywhere, which meant plenty of drum circles and smoke-outs.

::lost in HDD crash::

Anyway, one time me and some friends went to the Boardwalk and ran into this girl that they swore looked exactly like me. I was on the Big Dipper at the time this was taken, so my friend snapped this picture. I love the way it’s framed, they didn’t want to be rude to the poor girl so they took a bunch of pictures of my friend just standing around trying to get this girl in the background. Those hip sunglasses are to conceal his identity. Especially with that feathered hair, she’s a frumply-dressed spitting image of what I looked like back then.

So, that’s it. These are the kind of posts you’re going to get when I update this everyday. More diaper content soon… I’m covered in mosquito bites.
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celebrity story.

I think it’s safe to tell this story now that I’m on the opposite coast. This happened to me about 6 months ago.

I was standing in line at a Panda Express in Sacramento on lunch at work, and I see this kinda goth, kinda cute, kinda innocent looking boy in line for the adjacent Hot Dog on a Stick looking at me. I was in my work uniform but still looking cute in my black skirt, little pumps and a unbuttoned work shirt with a pink camisole, and this boy was scammin’ on me like crazy. So they’re out of orange chicken and I have to wait for a couple minutes, so I just kinda stand there waiting until I hear from behind me someone say…


I almost died. Riley Kilo isn’t the name I use in my everyday life, no one at the mall should know it. I turn around and see the boy, he looks really excited and says “oh my god it’s really you! I can’t believe it, I love what you do for the community” etc. He was really nice, really discrete about it and even offered to buy me lunch. I feel kinda bad because at the time I worked at a place with a bar which meant free drinks, I drank my weight in Sierra Nevada the night before and had a bloody mary before heading to Panda. I hardly ever drink now, there’s a lot better things to do in New England than bang your head against the wall.

Anyway, I was kinda blown away by the whole experience, I was just trying to get some Chinese food and he seemed really excited, so I felt like I blew him off. I told him thanks for the offer and for reading my blog, and to keep it real, I was totally nice about it, just hungover. He starred and I walked away, i felt like i really made that kids day, but I never heard from him again. So if you’re still reading this you mysterious AB/DL, write me anytime!

So that’s my story about being an internet celebrity, pretty pathetic right? Well here’s something even worse. I worked promotions with Pauly Shore a few years ago when his film “Pauly Shore is Dead” came out in Sacramento. I hung out with Pauly Shore for a weekend touring colleges and cultural hotspots trying to get the word out. People get excited when they randomly run into Pauly Shore, and he’s the exact same as he is in his movies in real life, except kinda more laid back if it’s just you and him. The first thing he asked me is if I knew where to score [edited for television 7/16/2011], which I did at the time, same thing happened with a Hedwig from a touring cast of Hedwig and the Angry Inch and a bunch of other D-listers, like James Marsters, Jesse Camp and one of the guys from Puppetry of the Penis.

I’m happy here in New England, but I’m out of the big city now and really miss the bright lights and famous people, so thanks for letting me bask in my celebrity encounters! That’s half of my ex-lover there on the left, more on that later.

i ain’t afraid of no rolly-coaster

It’s sunny weather here in New England, perfect for getting out to one of those big-name theme parks! I’m definitely not into the big roller coasters, drops scare me out of my mind. I think roller coaster enthusiasts have this neuron firing in their brain that makes them want to fly around all over the place, but it’s not a thrill for me. My favorite ride was the Houdini, and I like the spinny rides and the tamer coasters, but I really love the moving chair rides like Back to the Future, or my favorite ride… Star Tours!

So I had a good time, before I left I did my make-up, put on my cute new wrap-around skirt and a Tranquility ATN. I think the Tranquility has the best absorbency to slimness ratio and is my usually going out all day diaper. I also brought a diaper-bag with a couple UnderJams and powder, and I was set. I’d love to set up an Adult Baby day there, we’d probably get thousands of RSVP’s and no one would show up. I always drink plenty of water before going out to a place that charges 4.00 a bottle, so I had to change a couple times and on the ride home I definitely wished I had brought more diapers. Six Flags also has very unfriendly restrooms, more on that later.

If it weren’t for a generous local classic rock station I probably wouldn’t have gone but I had fun regardless. The pic of me standing in my diaper was taken right before we left, I promise I combed my hair in the car. More stuff soon!

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50th Post!!!!

Glorious Day! I’m happy to announce that this is the 50th post for Protection Blog! I started this blog almost 2 years ago, I hardly ever updated it and never showed my face in pictures. Now here I am, out as a AB/DL person on the Internet and I’ve even been approached by a fan in ‘real life'(story coming soon) I’m much more comfortable with myself, life and diapers after 50 posts, I’m in diapers all the time and have plenty of caring people close to me, all who check this blog!

The site is now Ad-Free, if you use the Paypal “Donate” button, leave your E-mail address so I can shower you with praise, and you might even get some pictures, links and videos that don’t make it online. This site is free and always will be, but if you’re interested in a private pictures or video and have a Paypal account or credit card, E-mail me. Donation depends on content, I can send a DVD or host online. Proceeds will go to diapers and cute stuff, but mostly to hormones. So if you want to help me transition, donate!

The letters I get from people all over the world keeps me enthusiastic about the diapered community, and I learn more and more about hormones everyday. My readers are the best, they’re always there with a link or copy of photoshop or friendly comment when I really need one. I do all of this for my AB/DL and transgendered brothers and sisters, and so no one has to grow up in fear of their own feelings like so many of us have. I find great value in expressing my pursuit of happiness like I have these last 50 posts, so here’s to happiness, the future and 50 more!

Clarissa… you’ve got some splainin’ to do

First off, if you don’t know who Melissa Joan Hart is watch this –
Clarissa – original opening

This show was a big part of my childhood, I love it so! This was the golden age of nickelodeon, Stick Stickly and Nick and the Afternoon, Wienerville, that Hidden Temple show with Olmec, and of course, Salute your Shorts! You can find lots of full episodes online on youtube, they’re just usually broken into a few parts, so enjoy! On a side note, I don’t care for any of her career other than Clarissa and that one Robot Chicken episode, I especially dislike Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

Anyway, the reason why I bring this up is I received an E-mail from Pull-Ups saying that they’ve got a new blogger writing about potty training, and it’s Clarissa herself! She grew up and married some alt-rock douchebag and had two kids, one of which is ready for potty training. So she makes these blogs and videos that are pretty convincing, it seems like she almost could have written them, not just some advertising team. There’s not a lot of content, and she’s definitely dialing this one in, but it’s still fun to watch a little bit of. Now that she’s taken a pro-potty training stance, maybe we could get Ferguson to promote un-potty training!

Well that’s all for today, I’m going to six flags today, I’m hoping to get some cute pictures and I’m definitely going to be heavily padded šŸ™‚ So, enjoy the link and stay diapered!

Melissa Joan Harts Potty Training Ad-Blog

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<3 baby diapers

Around the time I started really thinking about diapers I was definitely small enough to fit into baby diapers. I walked home from middle school right by a little Hispanic discount store and would buy these 2-packs of size 4 diapers and sneak them home. I would bring them into my room hidden under all of my school books, and when I had a second to sneak away I would hide them in an old magic set in my closet.
When the lights went out, I would climb out of bed trying not to wake up my other family members and try them on, they felt so soft and padded, and the crinkly plastic. I felt really nice in them, and could wear them under my boxers. I was really sly about it all, I felt like Count of Monte Cristo except with diapers instead of revenge. I was really happy about them, but as I grew older I stopped fitting into the small little ones. After moving onto the wondrous world of imported diapers, but I still love baby diapers.

Nowadays baby diapers seem alot bigger than when I was younger, but I’m happy that i can fit into them. You’d be really surprised at how much these hold, usually just one or two big wettings for me, but that’s still pretty good as i usually use them to stuff other diapers with. I have many brands of pull-ups and baby diapers, but I’m almost 100% sure that these are CVS size 6 diapers. They’re really just for show, but it’s nice to wear under skirts and stuff like that but they can’t really be trusted, not like a Tranqulity or Abena. I hope you enjoy the pictures, look out for more posts soon!

Storytime! – The Ankle Grabber

Hey there everyone! I filmed and edited a new story time, converted it into .flv and then naturally, my premiere crashed and naturally, the auto-save feature seems to be out of commission, so all i have is a great-quality .flv that i can’t upload, and this ugly MPEG which i can. The sound is fine and once youtube starts accepting .flv’s again (which it used to) I’ll upload the higher quality version. So enjoy the poorly encoded video, it’s a scary one!

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Ah, it’s good to be back online! Sorry to everyone that I haven’t responded to, I get alot of E-mails and you all mean a great deal to me, so expect an E-mail back. I don’t generally respond to messages on other sites, like youtube and the forums I frequent, there’s too many too keep track of so if you’re going to message me, E-mail me through here – protectionblog at

Sometimes I do get overwhelmed, so let me cover a few things that I get E-mailed about the most

1.) Yes, I’m transgendered!!! I make my nature clear all over the site, and thank you for the flattery. I haven’t taken hormones yet, because of the pure reason that I don’t know how to get them, and there’s a lot of conflicting information online and I don’t have healthcare. If you have any information about how to start transitioning, I’d love to hear from you, it’s been hard finding the right people to talk to. I received a total clean bill of health about 4 months ago and have been approved to see an endocrinologist but I don’t know where to start here in New England.

2.) When I do transition, I plan to “go all the way”, SRS and everything. I’m mentally and physically prepared for it, I’m just too naive to figure out how to start. I live every moment of my life as a woman, and I’ve been having diapered and transgendered thoughts since I was about 8 years old.

3.) I’m not big into labels, but I guess Iā€™m bi-sexual. I’ve dated exponentially more girls than I have guys, and I find great beauty in the female form, especially in diapers. In my mind nobody makes me feel more like a girl than a strong, handsome man, so I guess that’s who i’ll probably end up with. I’m not meeting anyone at the moment, no babies or daddies or anything. I love to get E-mails from local people, just don’t ask me where I live – it makes me nervous! I don’t like cyber-sex (I stopped having cyber-sex when i turned 16) and there’s a domme side to me that might come out for the right person but I much prefer the little diaper-girl part for now. Also, if you’re going to E-mail, use full sentences and words, it makes it a lot easier to reply.

4.) I’m not 24/7 at the moment, I take off my diapers when I exercise and sometimes when I just want to air out, but other than that, i’m in diapers. I do use my diapers for everything, i’m very careful when I mess and practice very good hygiene (you should see my water bill). I’ve never done anything “gross”, just diaper changes and enemas, no watersports or dirty sanchez.

5.) Yes, I’m going to keep updating the site, and yes, hot bondage stuff soon.

I think that’s it for now, I hope this gives you a better idea who the real Riley is, E-mail me anytime and keep your eyes out for new content. Sorry again about not updating in so long, I’ll make it up to you I promise. The site is Ad-Free again too… hooray!

so, as a “i’m sorry” present, here’s an old, old, old picture of me…