Ah, it’s good to be back online! Sorry to everyone that I haven’t responded to, I get alot of E-mails and you all mean a great deal to me, so expect an E-mail back. I don’t generally respond to messages on other sites, like youtube and the forums I frequent, there’s too many too keep track of so if you’re going to message me, E-mail me through here – protectionblog at

Sometimes I do get overwhelmed, so let me cover a few things that I get E-mailed about the most

1.) Yes, I’m transgendered!!! I make my nature clear all over the site, and thank you for the flattery. I haven’t taken hormones yet, because of the pure reason that I don’t know how to get them, and there’s a lot of conflicting information online and I don’t have healthcare. If you have any information about how to start transitioning, I’d love to hear from you, it’s been hard finding the right people to talk to. I received a total clean bill of health about 4 months ago and have been approved to see an endocrinologist but I don’t know where to start here in New England.

2.) When I do transition, I plan to “go all the way”, SRS and everything. I’m mentally and physically prepared for it, I’m just too naive to figure out how to start. I live every moment of my life as a woman, and I’ve been having diapered and transgendered thoughts since I was about 8 years old.

3.) I’m not big into labels, but I guess I’m bi-sexual. I’ve dated exponentially more girls than I have guys, and I find great beauty in the female form, especially in diapers. In my mind nobody makes me feel more like a girl than a strong, handsome man, so I guess that’s who i’ll probably end up with. I’m not meeting anyone at the moment, no babies or daddies or anything. I love to get E-mails from local people, just don’t ask me where I live – it makes me nervous! I don’t like cyber-sex (I stopped having cyber-sex when i turned 16) and there’s a domme side to me that might come out for the right person but I much prefer the little diaper-girl part for now. Also, if you’re going to E-mail, use full sentences and words, it makes it a lot easier to reply.

4.) I’m not 24/7 at the moment, I take off my diapers when I exercise and sometimes when I just want to air out, but other than that, i’m in diapers. I do use my diapers for everything, i’m very careful when I mess and practice very good hygiene (you should see my water bill). I’ve never done anything “gross”, just diaper changes and enemas, no watersports or dirty sanchez.

5.) Yes, I’m going to keep updating the site, and yes, hot bondage stuff soon.

I think that’s it for now, I hope this gives you a better idea who the real Riley is, E-mail me anytime and keep your eyes out for new content. Sorry again about not updating in so long, I’ll make it up to you I promise. The site is Ad-Free again too… hooray!

so, as a “i’m sorry” present, here’s an old, old, old picture of me…

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