<3 baby diapers

Around the time I started really thinking about diapers I was definitely small enough to fit into baby diapers. I walked home from middle school right by a little Hispanic discount store and would buy these 2-packs of size 4 diapers and sneak them home. I would bring them into my room hidden under all of my school books, and when I had a second to sneak away I would hide them in an old magic set in my closet.
When the lights went out, I would climb out of bed trying not to wake up my other family members and try them on, they felt so soft and padded, and the crinkly plastic. I felt really nice in them, and could wear them under my boxers. I was really sly about it all, I felt like Count of Monte Cristo except with diapers instead of revenge. I was really happy about them, but as I grew older I stopped fitting into the small little ones. After moving onto the wondrous world of imported diapers, but I still love baby diapers.

Nowadays baby diapers seem alot bigger than when I was younger, but I’m happy that i can fit into them. You’d be really surprised at how much these hold, usually just one or two big wettings for me, but that’s still pretty good as i usually use them to stuff other diapers with. I have many brands of pull-ups and baby diapers, but I’m almost 100% sure that these are CVS size 6 diapers. They’re really just for show, but it’s nice to wear under skirts and stuff like that but they can’t really be trusted, not like a Tranqulity or Abena. I hope you enjoy the pictures, look out for more posts soon!

6 thoughts on “<3 baby diapers

  1. Hi there!
    I found your vid on youtube thru dailydiapers.com, looked at it and really liked it!! its the one about underjams… then I looked at your blog here and I just loved it at the first sight! nice job! C, I live in central europe, and unfortunately we just cant get the underjams here 😦 Id really love to dry them on! Im a DL. As you may notice from my nick I LOVE the Pull-ups from Huggies (you definatelly know πŸ™‚ ). theyre the only diaper I can fit into and get here.
    All the pics of you are simply adorable and cute!!!
    Ill be coming here more often to check out updates and stuff πŸ™‚

    Take care

    Pull-ups man

  2. hi there
    yeaaa humm riley girl u i do not hvae alot 2 say but wow just keeep up the goood work n alll u AB/LD out ther keep going for wat u like 2 do that is alll i have 2 say.Riley men u r doing really goood things sooo keep it up bye love u alllllllllllllll

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