B is for bedwetting

Hey there diaper fans, here is yet another review. In this post I talk about the “B is for Bedtime” bedwetting diapers. They’re only available at Raleys or Bel-Air, and they are about the quality you’d expect from a generic bedtime pull-up. As I write this, i’m wearing a Size 6 Baby-Dry inside a B for Bedtime pant inside a Depend and it makes for a very nice bulky diaper! The wetness liner on the Depend is hardly phased and I’ve been wetting it for a while now.

2 things I wanted to mention: I got my first donation through paypal from a very kind fan, thank you again! I also have put up my Amazon wishlist on the right side of the page, you can order me various things like diapers and plastic pants, if you order me anything I’ll send you private pics of me showing them off for you. The thing I need the most are the bedwetting sheets, but anything would be just great.

Check out the review and more to come!

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Well here’s another review! I compare the Pampers Cruisers Size 7 and the Baby Dry size 6, both in absorbency and fit. The Cruisers come out on top in absorbency and style, but the Baby Drys fit a little bit better and can stretch more so they fit a bigger waist, and have a very cute smell to them. This is just from my experiences, so have some fun and try them for yourselves! one thing i forgot to mention is that the Baby Drys also have less of that fluff inside, so cutting them for stuffers makes less of a less, but they’re less absorbent so it’s kinda a catch-22.
I’ve been getting tons of E-mails about comic books, it seems most of my readers like them just as much as they like cute diapered girls! My 3 favorite comic experiences of all time have been…
1.) Sandman – If you can put in the time, read the whole series. It’s based on the people who watch over humans, and all our mythology (Shakespearean, Greek, Christian etc.) has some bearing on their reality. It’s very mature and covers tough issues like suicide and aids while keeping the reader enthralled with the deep characters and sometimes horrifying story lines.
2.) Watchmen – I read through the entire collection of this series as one volume in an entire evening, I couldn’t go to sleep until I knew what happened. This dark and bleak novel of retired superheroes has more social commentary than action, you’ll understand why this is a very good thing. It’s on Time Magazines Top 100 Novels of all time list, so if that’s proof enough to check it out.
3.) The Maxx – Violent, comical, convoluted and hopeless are just a few words to describe this story of a homeless superhero and his scantily clad free-lance social worker savior. If you can’t get a hold of the books, check out the series that originally aired on MTV. This show was a huge influence during my childhood, as was another MTV great, Sifl and Olly
So, that’s my summary of great comic book loves in my life, I’m not huge into them but have read quite a few. So, I hope you enjoy the diaper review, and good night, and good luck.

::video taken down::

Oh yeah, also, this… Cruisin’ Together


Here’s something new! I recently downloaded a great Japanese diaper punishment video but due to my unilingual handicap I could not truly enjoy the video. So I wrote my own subtitles using Aegisub. This is by no means a translation and is probably not even close to the original version. It was pretty arduous to make and is my first attempt at subtitling something other than my own projects. If you like this blog you’ll probably like the video, feel free to share the link to this post with anyone interested.

It’s relatively easy to get the subtitles to work and there’s a readme in the .zip file I’ve uploaded. The file is 168 Megabytes and about 24 minutes long. Click the Megarotic link below, put in the 3 character code, endure the 45 second wait time and then click “Free Download”. I hope you enjoy this video and tell me what you think!

Batman Review #4325325

This is the diapered crusader, Riley, here to lay down her thoughts an opinions about something that she should have over 3 months ago ‘The Dark Knight’ I went to see this tonight at the local IMAX theatre, and I have to say, I was very satisfied. When I heard Heath Ledger was going to play my 2nd favorite batman villain (Bane being the first) I was giddy with excitement, and his death added a new degree of anticipation. Aaron Eckhart has always had a place in my heart since he made one of the most offensive and flat-out moral less films i have been privy to, “In The Company Of Men”, so I was dually excited when I heard he would portray Harvey Dent, or those who haven’t spent as much time in the pages of DC as myself, Two-Face. Needless to say, I was excited.

And it all came through, I am used to being disappointed by my favorite franchises (Punisher, Hitman, Resident Evil) but the recent batch of comic book re-inventions have been increasingly satisfying (Iron Man, Sin City, Hellboy 2) creating a sense of hope in the comic book adaptation market. Cillian Murphy and Christian Bale have always been touch myself material for years, and teaming them up in Batman Begins was golden, let alone the fact that it was a great movie. I lacked skepticism that Dark Knight would meet every expectation.

A friend told me to make sure to use the restroom before seeing this one, so I made sure to wear a Tranquility All-Through-The-Night for this, and I would have been disappointed to miss a frame of it. The IMAX translation of this film was better than any I have seen before, switching almost seamlessly from full-screen to the original aspect ratio so you enjoy the epic scope of the wide shots while still retaining the artistic quality of the dialogue scenes, IMAX has made leaps and bounds since their recent entry into the poplar film market, we all remember that 5 years ago all you could see were short form documentaries about roller coasters and sea turtles.

It’s tough to review a movie that you have to see to believe, so I won’t mention the cinematography or writing or any of that usual review noise… If you haven’t seen it yet, see it! If you have, see it at IMAX if you can handle the $14.00 ticket and if not there’s always Blu-Ray. I do have some fan-girl gripes about it, but that’s for a later time and another blog. Thank you Christopher Nolan for the messed up nightmares you’ve provided me in the past and for the ones I’m sure to have in the next couple nights, I wouldn’t ask for any less.

Retro Riley pt. 2

Here’s a video that some of you might have seen before, but it’s an oldie but goody. It’s an enema video, more “graphic” than anything you’ve seen from me before, but it’s not too gross or anything. This was back before I was brave enough to show my face. More videos like this soon, and more of this content to those who donate, I’ve still yet to receive any sort of donations from anyone and I do put a lot of time and effort into this blog, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to stop anytime soon either. A lot of my readers I’m sure are worried enough about their own financial situation to cater to mine, so continue to enjoy my ad-free site and donate when you can, if you can.

Here’s the link to the file, it’s a free download through RapidShare. Please don’t post the video anywhere else, but feel free to share the Rapidshare link.


More stuff soon!


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Retro Riley

Hey there true believers! This is your friend Riley, with a new-to-you video. This is definitely not one of my better ones, but it kind of gives you an idea of what’s in store once I get a new battery charger.

I shot this video in 2005, it was one of my firsts and I never showed it to anyone. I had a cute little haircut back then but unfortunately i have an ugly look on my face because I’m all scrunched up in that corner. I also was really into socially conscious hip-hop back then and unfortunately left my Winamp on. I didn’t want to edit out the sound because those crinkles are just about the best part, but i’m sure there’s very few little girls that listen to Talib Kweli.

So, enjoy the video. Pampers Cruisers Size 7 photo’s sooooon!

::HDD Crash::