you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it think

Hey there! This is your old friend Riley coming back after yet another long no-posting hiatus. I’m kinda all over the country at the moment, I left my battery charger in Massachusetts so no video for a while, sorry. I’m in New York State and I’m not sure where my next destination will be. I watched a film recently called “O Homem Do Ado” or “The Man of the Year”, a coming of age dark satire about vigilante justice in Brazil. I don’t want to give anything away because I very much enjoyed the film, but there’s one part that I feel has great pertinence in my life. The main character is soliloquizing (there’s like a 10% chance that’s a real word) that life is but 2 things, either a horse that you are holding fast to, deciding where every foot lands, or it is a flowing stream that twists and winds on it’s on volition. That’s in my words, not the Brazilian guys. My life feels like the stream sometimes, like your watching yourself make actions and have conversations and live life, and it’s just happening but you can control it and it’s still you. The problem is, sometimes grabbing the mane leads to even worse consequences than just letting life flow.

Anyway, if you put up with that self-examination long enough to get to this second paragraph, check out this article on Slate I recently came across.

It seems Slate basically recruited a young, snarky writer 2.0 to lay down some of his comedy stylings on the topic of Adult Diapers. I give him credit, it’s a pretty funny article and surprisingly well informed if you look at it from the viewpoint of someone who doesn’t know just about everything there is to know on the topic of Adult Diapers. He doesn’t seem to make a direct reference to the AB/DL lifestyle and thankfully avoids mentioning that “OOPS! I Crapped my Pants” SNL skit. I would say the most negative part of the whole review is when he delves into the shame he felt from wetting his diapers. It’s not that bad! This guy probably hits the Jäger and Redbull pretty hard so I’m sure his urine is hardly sterile, but wetting isn’t really gross or harmful if your a healthy person like myself. But, wetting yourself is a pretty serious stigma in our society and probably will be until dogs start meowing. China on the other hand…

So, anyway, I’m back for the time being, I’ll get to your E-mails and questions as soon as I can, I get about a million a day. Thanks for reading!

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