haves and have nots

If you’re reading this, you probably already know just how awesome diapers are. If you’re one of my non-diapered friends or family, you probably know how much they mean to me, and can understand what they mean to the AB/DL community at least by association. But, life is constantly in flux and there are times that even the most dedicated diaper fan doesn’t feel comfortable wearing or just can’t enjpy these fantastic undergarments. Here’s a personal list of occasions when diapers get the backseat to life.

1.) Working out : I run and ride my bike, and the sun is the biggest enemy of diaper lovers.Anyone that hates cloth backed diapers hasn’t used gas-free transportation or done serious physical activities in a diapered state. I may be a bit of a masochist, but diaper rash is no fun, and a hot diaper is like a forward time machine for turning wetness into ammonia just like microwaves are a reverse time machine for bread. On the topic of bread, if you get your kicks out of yeast infections (there are people, wetset forums are a dark, dark place) run a mile in Arizona with a wet diaper. The solution for this is doing less intense but still effective workouts, such as pilates.

2.) Family: My grandmother passed recently and the emotion of that kicked me out of my 24/7 schedule. I spent quite some time around close and distant relatives, and there was a great deal of extended hugging involved. I don’t care to let my family know about this lifestyle choice and I’m sure it would just add to the confusion and stress of the situation. So I had to use the bathroom pretty often because my bladder had shrunk in the time I had been relying on diapers, but whatever, I wasn’t in the mood but I also knew that after grieving I would return to the behavior that I so dearly enjoyed. I’ve always had issues with this kind of situation when it comes to pursuing incontinence, but if I dedicated myself enough to really NEED diapers, then I’m sure my family would either accept it or just not bring it up. Most people are respectful about what’s their business and what’s not their business, especially at a funeral.

3.) Hospitals/Medical Emergencies : The last thing you think about when your wrist is shattered is kinky stuff. I think I’ve said enough.

4.) Hugging: I get tons of hugs. If I see an old friend on the street, we hug. If I kick-ass at “Teenage Riot” by Sonic Youth on RockBand, hugs all around. If a yelling match has ended with someone I care about, it ends with a hug. Hugs are a big diaper giveaway, especially if your wearing something really fluffy. I was always afraid of running into somebody and totally giving myself away by a quick hug, or offending them by denying a hug or giving a really crappy middle school bend-at-the-waist hug. Luckily, thinner diapers like Goodnites are hug-approved, but its kinda confusing for a non-AB/DL to hear a crinkle during a hug, and even if they know you’re diapered, it still can be strange. This is something I’m still having trouble getting over, and is definitely high up on my diapered paranoia list.

5.) This nursing video about incontinence

This isn’t as negative as a post as it seems. First off the above video is both hilarious and depressing at the same time, and second the fun of wearing diapers is that you CAN wear them in even the most dire situations if you do need them, be it for peace of mind or for actual protection. To conform to any situation, you just have to do the proper preparation both mentally and physically, such as cutting down on the baby-powder for hug filled ceremonies and double up on powder for workouts. Find your own methods, and if you can get away with it just feign incontinence. Unfortunately, that’s a little tough for a certain Riley that’s got her face all over the internet. I’ve closed doors for myself by doing this blog, but I very much hope I’ve opened some for others. Love to all my readers, and thanks for checking up on my little corner of the world.

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One thought on “haves and have nots

  1. I can understand that sometimes life can make wearing diapers harder. At the end of the day though, as long as you're happy, does it matter?

    As far as exercising.. yes, that can be a pain, but eventually your skin could adapt to being wet and the number of rashes will go down. It won't be fun to get your skin conditioned to that point though.

    I am sorry about your grandmother, Riley. I know how much it hurts to lose someone close. I can't fully understand your feelings as everyone is different, but I can empathize.

    As far as hospitals… you're in one and just tell them you're incontinent or have problems (if you need to change). They've seen a lot worse than a wet or messy diaper. And it isn't kinky. You wear them all the time. That is a lifestyle and a part of who you are and what you need. If you only wore when being intimate then it could be considered kinky.

    Hugs… Well, if they know who you are and care about you then it shouldn't matter what you're wearing. I know that isn't helpful as paranoia isn't entirely logical. Sorry.

    Admittedly, you look good in your diapers and I do thank you again for the pictures you've shared with us.

    Just be happy with what you wear – If it is diapers that make you so very happy – throw out anything that isn't absorbent then it'll make it easier. Don't give yourself excuses not to wear.

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