Retro Riley

Hey there true believers! This is your friend Riley, with a new-to-you video. This is definitely not one of my better ones, but it kind of gives you an idea of what’s in store once I get a new battery charger.

I shot this video in 2005, it was one of my firsts and I never showed it to anyone. I had a cute little haircut back then but unfortunately i have an ugly look on my face because I’m all scrunched up in that corner. I also was really into socially conscious hip-hop back then and unfortunately left my Winamp on. I didn’t want to edit out the sound because those crinkles are just about the best part, but i’m sure there’s very few little girls that listen to Talib Kweli.

So, enjoy the video. Pampers Cruisers Size 7 photo’s sooooon!

::HDD Crash::

4 thoughts on “Retro Riley

  1. You were just a cute then as you are now. Thank you for posting this. Just when did you start making movies and how many total have you made (dl and non-dl)?

  2. wow girl u doing that u can have ever men down the street looking ofr you “just playing” what u did is good have and good day girl haha
    form “” see what you think???????

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