Here’s something new! I recently downloaded a great Japanese diaper punishment video but due to my unilingual handicap I could not truly enjoy the video. So I wrote my own subtitles using Aegisub. This is by no means a translation and is probably not even close to the original version. It was pretty arduous to make and is my first attempt at subtitling something other than my own projects. If you like this blog you’ll probably like the video, feel free to share the link to this post with anyone interested.

It’s relatively easy to get the subtitles to work and there’s a readme in the .zip file I’ve uploaded. The file is 168 Megabytes and about 24 minutes long. Click the Megarotic link below, put in the 3 character code, endure the 45 second wait time and then click “Free Download”. I hope you enjoy this video and tell me what you think!

7 thoughts on “Fan-Submissive

  1. I think it was form a webpage named “” that is under maintenance since the last year. They had 2-3 movies with diapers, rubber diapers but mainly enemas.

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