B is for bedwetting

Hey there diaper fans, here is yet another review. In this post I talk about the “B is for Bedtime” bedwetting diapers. They’re only available at Raleys or Bel-Air, and they are about the quality you’d expect from a generic bedtime pull-up. As I write this, i’m wearing a Size 6 Baby-Dry inside a B for Bedtime pant inside a Depend and it makes for a very nice bulky diaper! The wetness liner on the Depend is hardly phased and I’ve been wetting it for a while now.

2 things I wanted to mention: I got my first donation through paypal from a very kind fan, thank you again! I also have put up my Amazon wishlist on the right side of the page, you can order me various things like diapers and plastic pants, if you order me anything I’ll send you private pics of me showing them off for you. The thing I need the most are the bedwetting sheets, but anything would be just great.

Check out the review and more to come!

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6 thoughts on “B is for bedwetting

  1. Hey riley how are u doing? My name is mikko, I am a male thinking you are very sexy, however, I wished that you were a transgender male. I like women but I looovve transgender women as well. do you have a transgender friend that can join us?

  2. I totally want to buy you some waterproof sheets; they are one of the BEST purchases I've ever made. I've got two sets and it's wonderful; if a set gets 'use', I just bunch it up, take it outside on the clothesline and spray it down with the hose and leave it to dry (in the shade, though! the direct heat can cause lack of integrity ;_; learned THAT one the hard way).

    Anyway!~ I went spent $450 on a dress this week (so pritty *_*) so it might have to wait until my next pay; but you're so cute and give us all so much to adore I'd feel terrible if I didn't return the favor 😀

  3. wow, i never would have guessed that you were born a boy if hadn't said anything. you are very pretty and look absolutely adorable in your dresses. i'm new here so i haven't really been able to check everything out. so ya.. nice to meet you and i'll go check out other things.

  4. I think u are hot too i'm a 19 almost 20 year old and i too like 2 wear girl diapers and pull ups but i cant find the right person and u seem to be the person i'm looking for 2 date, by the why how old are u?

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