Well here’s another review! I compare the Pampers Cruisers Size 7 and the Baby Dry size 6, both in absorbency and fit. The Cruisers come out on top in absorbency and style, but the Baby Drys fit a little bit better and can stretch more so they fit a bigger waist, and have a very cute smell to them. This is just from my experiences, so have some fun and try them for yourselves! one thing i forgot to mention is that the Baby Drys also have less of that fluff inside, so cutting them for stuffers makes less of a less, but they’re less absorbent so it’s kinda a catch-22.
I’ve been getting tons of E-mails about comic books, it seems most of my readers like them just as much as they like cute diapered girls! My 3 favorite comic experiences of all time have been…
1.) Sandman – If you can put in the time, read the whole series. It’s based on the people who watch over humans, and all our mythology (Shakespearean, Greek, Christian etc.) has some bearing on their reality. It’s very mature and covers tough issues like suicide and aids while keeping the reader enthralled with the deep characters and sometimes horrifying story lines.
2.) Watchmen – I read through the entire collection of this series as one volume in an entire evening, I couldn’t go to sleep until I knew what happened. This dark and bleak novel of retired superheroes has more social commentary than action, you’ll understand why this is a very good thing. It’s on Time Magazines Top 100 Novels of all time list, so if that’s proof enough to check it out.
3.) The Maxx – Violent, comical, convoluted and hopeless are just a few words to describe this story of a homeless superhero and his scantily clad free-lance social worker savior. If you can’t get a hold of the books, check out the series that originally aired on MTV. This show was a huge influence during my childhood, as was another MTV great, Sifl and Olly
So, that’s my summary of great comic book loves in my life, I’m not huge into them but have read quite a few. So, I hope you enjoy the diaper review, and good night, and good luck.

::video taken down::

Oh yeah, also, this… Cruisin’ Together

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