Jenny was a friend of mine

This is my friend Jenny. We spent a summer together in a loft in Downtown Sacramento, we rode our bikes and spent lots of time in the sun. We listened to CocoRosie and felt like we were living like free people for the first times in our lives. She was very open minded, very free and had the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen, and she almost convinced me to get one. She was never too into the diaper thing like I am, but she always thought they were cute and comfy and knew how much i liked them. She moved away and had a little one of her own, but I’ll always look back fondly on the times we spent together… so, enjoy the video, and we’ll leave
it at that.

In the words of Jackson Browne and Nico, don’t confront me with my failures, i have not forgotten them.

crib bound

Hey there diaper fans, sorry about not getting back to you sooner with those pics, it’s been a crazy week! My internet got shut-off, I’ve been getting horrible hours at my new job and I’m trying to survive until it picks up again. So, life is tough for this little girl, but it comes and goes. At least you can enjoy my cute diaper pictures! These were taken around the same time as “little cotton dress”, and it was really the only time I was bound in the crib by someone else. I felt really helpless and humiliated, it was wonderful, hopefully I can find someone to play with me that way again.
Anyway, enjoy the pics, more stuff tomorrow, I promise… this one below is a favorite of mine 🙂

HDD crash 😦

almost official

Last night, I was wearing a B for Bedtime pull-up and I wet the bed again. My little bedwetting diapers leaked and i had to change my sheets and sleep on the floor. I wear the pullups to bed thinking that i wouldn’t actually wet the bed, but it’s happened twice this week so I think I’m officially a bedwetter. So when i goto bed, i need diaperes for now on, not for any “fetish” or anything, but because if I fall asleep I wet the bed.

So, for todays update i’m going to be dropping a bunch of Music Files of what I used to listen to when I started this blog.

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little cotton dress

This is part 1 of a series that I think is just about the best I’ve ever done, these were taken by the same person as the last set, a diapered and eventually transgendered friend of mine, his actions can only be described by that Simpsons episode where Bart’s babysitter rips out his heart and throws it at the wall, it slowly slides down leaving a gross blood trail and falls into one of those little garbage can basketball hoops. I haven’t dated really anyone in the last few years, I’ve seen a couple genetic girls, but no trans-girls or men, I haven’t found a Daddy worth dedicating myself to yet, I’m single and looking, but only for a mature, intelligent, loving person, someone who can support me while I transition, please use good grammar and be serious about a long-term relationship if you contact me about this. My heart being so crudely removed made me kinda not into dating people my age, they’re just as confused as I am and it’s just too much for me.

Anyway, enough of that. I do miss my crib, and I no longer have this dress. That’s about all, look forward to more stuff tomorrow!

HDD Crash 😦

Cloth, Goodnite Boxers, the old apartment and casiotones

I did these photos just after I bought my crib, I bought it on new years day, jsut a few months after starting this site. I was living in a studio apartment, working like crazy and still learning about myself, my gender, art, life, the universe and everything. I broke down the crib most of the time people came over, but most of the people close to me found out one way or the other, and I didnt lose any friends over it. This is one of the few photosets actually taken by someone else! E-mail me if you just want a .rar with all the pictures in it instead of fooling around with photobucket. Enjoy the pictures, and more this week!

HDD Crash 😦

2 years of ProtectionBlog!

Today is the 2 year anniversary of ProtectionBlog! My life has changed alot in the last 2 years, I’ve traveled, worked, learned, and wore countless diapers. For the first time in my life, I can say I’ve been a girl significantly more than a guy during these last 2 years, and if I was a guy I was androgynous. I’m happy with it and more sure about transitioning, I’ve learned the give and take of being different from everyone else, and have hopefully made some people more comfortable about gender and/or diapers.

Over the next week i’m going to be posting some “remastered” photosets of mine that aren’t available in my archives anymore, and some stuff that had my face previously blurred out. So far nothing has made me completely regret putting my identity all over the internet, other than some strange phone calls and tons bunch of really awful E-mails and comments… but the good outweighs the bad, I’ve met some great people that read my blog, and I love hearing from fellow diapered or trans boys and girls. It makes me feel like there’s hundreds of people backing me up in whatever I do, and I hope you can feel that way about me.

Thanks for reading and keep checking back this week for some old and new content. I’ll end with a picture I made before I started this blog and never showed to anyone. I guess now is as good of a time than any… much love from your little diapered girl 🙂

I wet the bed :(

I just woke up this morning wet, cold and feeling sorry for myself. Yesterday was a pretty normal day, I drank lots of cranberry juice and water and had some chamomile tea before bed, which I don’t usually have. I was laying in bed watching Falling Down, I was wearing my pink cotton pajama pants and the green night dress I wore in the Tena Review, and just a pair of little hipster panties, instead of a diaper. I have a bedpad on my bed, but it’s not very big and it’s disposable, it rarely stays put while I sleep. I planned on buying plastic sheets next payday, but I might need to get them sooner.

Anyway, I was planning on putting on a diaper before I fell asleep, but I dozed off and woke up in a dark room, my first thoughts were about how cold it was and once I regained consciousness I realized I had wet the bed. I hardly ever cry, I’m more prone to swear if I get hurt and sad movies are the only time I’ve gotten even choked up in a long time, but in that moment of realization and feeling my soaking wet pajamas, dress, sheets and panties, I started crying a little. I lied there trying to cuddle with the dry parts of my sheets and whimpering to myself, I felt so little cold, alone and vulnerable. The line between happiness and sadness has never been so blurred for me, I never wet the bed as a kid but have always wanted to, I want to experience the innocence, lack of control and humiliation, but it’s always been a “careful for what you wish for” situation.

I felt all those emotions this morning in my soaked clothes, when I started to get myself together I gathered everything and headed for the bathroom, threw my sheets and blankie in the wash and went to the shower. Shivering, I peeled off my pajamas and panties, took off my wet nightshirt and felt the warm water wash my accident away. After the shower I went back cleaned off my bed and threw away the completely soaked-through bedpad and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I layed my changing pad down over the drying wet spot and put my pacifier in, and knew the thing that would make me happiest would be a comfy warm diaper. I powdered myself and put on a Tranquility ATN I had been saving for a time like this, I suddenly felt really happy and like a little girl in my little bra and diaper, no sheets because I’m a bedwetter, comforting myself with a pacifier.

So here I am, Riley in protection because I’m really starting to need it.

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Medline-Attends Reviews

Hey there! I’ve got another review about the Medline Protection Plus Classic and the Medline Protection Plus. I also review the Attends Underwear with Leakage Barriers.

I definitely recommend the Attends and can recommend the Medline Protection Plus, but not the Classic. Of course, briefs are always better for protection!

Thanks for reading and more stuff soon!

::Video Taken Down::

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least cute way to combine tights and diapers

I’m very skeptical of fashion…

It’s an industry that caters to the wealthy but is inspired by the people on the streets. The coolest person at the coolest location isn’t the one with the hottest styles, it’s the one that innovates. That’s why there’s nothing designer on my Amazon Wishlist

So the ever-so flavorful japanese culture has provided us with a diapered fashion show

(If you don’t care for yahoo, just google “japanese diaper fashion show”)

It seems like even the healthcare industry in Japan is getting to the big marketing exposition level. The Japanese have the healthiest eldery popluation in the world and all these still-conscious older people are starting to need diapers. Diapers are also really popular over there, Japan is home to tons of Adult Baby services and diaper-girl media plus some of the cutest looking cloth diapers in the world, but they obviously don’t mention that in the article. So … they put on a fashion show!

Men and Women in black body-tights showed off the new styles of diapers and did skits to educate and enlighten people about the finer points of caring for an incontinent person. They really seem adamant about making diapers more acceptable, and I think the more active older people there are around and the more women open up about incontinence from pregnancy we’ll see a big change in how diapers are produced and perceived. I’ve always been nervous about them finding an easy inexpensive cure for incontinence, but I realize how selfish that is!

Anyway, the article is short, read it and tell me what you think in the comments, and remember, Frankie says relax…


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omg wtf bbq

I was walking down the street after a job interview and there were a bunch of cars stopped at a light. When they started moving, someone (sounded like a younger teenager or a squeaky voiced girl) in the back of a Ford Explorer yelled something unintelligible and threw a open little cup of Carls Jr. BBQ sauce, hitting me right in the face. I couldn’t get the licence plate number because it knocked my glasses off, and I had to walk about a half-mile more on a busy street covered in barbecue sauce. There were two women in the car behind them and they gave me a really pitiful look, hopefully they called the PD but I’ll never know. It’s been about an hour since that happened, and my right eye still stings like hell. 

Why the fuck would anyone do this? Why did it happen to me? Why couldn’t I do anything other than blog about it? Oh yeah, because life isn’t fucking fair and our society is designed to reward the individual, not the community. Some people just don’t care about the people in the streets, simple as that.  I wasn’t dressed provocative, and don’t have any enemies other than maybe the westboro baptist church.

All in all, I’ve gotten over it, I’m happy and full of life and no matter how much this world shits on me, I’m still going to persevere. I’m just never going to have a Western Bacon Cheeseburger again, but that’s probably for the best. So spread love and stay happy, confident and diapered!

To lighten things up a bit… here’s some Korean Cartoons that I’ve collected, they’re very hit and miss and i’m sure alot of it’s lost in translation, but they still crack me up…

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