least cute way to combine tights and diapers

I’m very skeptical of fashion…

It’s an industry that caters to the wealthy but is inspired by the people on the streets. The coolest person at the coolest location isn’t the one with the hottest styles, it’s the one that innovates. That’s why there’s nothing designer on my Amazon Wishlist

So the ever-so flavorful japanese culture has provided us with a diapered fashion show

(If you don’t care for yahoo, just google “japanese diaper fashion show”)

It seems like even the healthcare industry in Japan is getting to the big marketing exposition level. The Japanese have the healthiest eldery popluation in the world and all these still-conscious older people are starting to need diapers. Diapers are also really popular over there, Japan is home to tons of Adult Baby services and diaper-girl media plus some of the cutest looking cloth diapers in the world, but they obviously don’t mention that in the article. So … they put on a fashion show!

Men and Women in black body-tights showed off the new styles of diapers and did skits to educate and enlighten people about the finer points of caring for an incontinent person. They really seem adamant about making diapers more acceptable, and I think the more active older people there are around and the more women open up about incontinence from pregnancy we’ll see a big change in how diapers are produced and perceived. I’ve always been nervous about them finding an easy inexpensive cure for incontinence, but I realize how selfish that is!

Anyway, the article is short, read it and tell me what you think in the comments, and remember, Frankie says relax…


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5 thoughts on “least cute way to combine tights and diapers

  1. now that's just totally goddamned surreal.

    not necessarily a bad thing, but it only reenforces my belief that Japan is like the rest of the world on mescaline.

  2. That has got to be the most strangest thing I've seen in a long time. Can you imagine someone doing that in the US? The mass media here would mock it and give it the worst negative reviews possible with out thinking that, ' hey we are doing this for older people to feel better about wearing diapers'

    I hate the fact that people relate diapers to children when not everyone wears them to be like a child but because they have to other wise they would have to wear a very uncomfortable catheter.

    That aside, this is pretty cool from an DL side of things.

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