I wet the bed :(

I just woke up this morning wet, cold and feeling sorry for myself. Yesterday was a pretty normal day, I drank lots of cranberry juice and water and had some chamomile tea before bed, which I don’t usually have. I was laying in bed watching Falling Down, I was wearing my pink cotton pajama pants and the green night dress I wore in the Tena Review, and just a pair of little hipster panties, instead of a diaper. I have a bedpad on my bed, but it’s not very big and it’s disposable, it rarely stays put while I sleep. I planned on buying plastic sheets next payday, but I might need to get them sooner.

Anyway, I was planning on putting on a diaper before I fell asleep, but I dozed off and woke up in a dark room, my first thoughts were about how cold it was and once I regained consciousness I realized I had wet the bed. I hardly ever cry, I’m more prone to swear if I get hurt and sad movies are the only time I’ve gotten even choked up in a long time, but in that moment of realization and feeling my soaking wet pajamas, dress, sheets and panties, I started crying a little. I lied there trying to cuddle with the dry parts of my sheets and whimpering to myself, I felt so little cold, alone and vulnerable. The line between happiness and sadness has never been so blurred for me, I never wet the bed as a kid but have always wanted to, I want to experience the innocence, lack of control and humiliation, but it’s always been a “careful for what you wish for” situation.

I felt all those emotions this morning in my soaked clothes, when I started to get myself together I gathered everything and headed for the bathroom, threw my sheets and blankie in the wash and went to the shower. Shivering, I peeled off my pajamas and panties, took off my wet nightshirt and felt the warm water wash my accident away. After the shower I went back cleaned off my bed and threw away the completely soaked-through bedpad and wiped the sleep from my eyes. I layed my changing pad down over the drying wet spot and put my pacifier in, and knew the thing that would make me happiest would be a comfy warm diaper. I powdered myself and put on a Tranquility ATN I had been saving for a time like this, I suddenly felt really happy and like a little girl in my little bra and diaper, no sheets because I’m a bedwetter, comforting myself with a pacifier.

So here I am, Riley in protection because I’m really starting to need it.

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8 thoughts on “I wet the bed :(

  1. Aww, sorry to hear that =(. It probably wouldn't have been as emotional if you were wearing a diaper, or would it?

    Well, I hope things work out for you.

    • I’ve only ever had a few night time accidents over the years since I’ve been wearing to bed. I agree with the weird emotions that come along with a wet bed. It was exciting and yet tearful. It was a very unexplainable emotion.
      I’ve only ever had the couple accidents that where accompanied usually with a Wetting dream.
      Do you still have accidents at night?
      Do you have Wetting dreams?

  2. It is one thing to live out a dream, and relish in glorifying oneself, however, people must become more excepting of those with disabilities online as well. There are not many blogs for disabled and medical fragile individuels. Hold it down ya hird…

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