crib bound

Hey there diaper fans, sorry about not getting back to you sooner with those pics, it’s been a crazy week! My internet got shut-off, I’ve been getting horrible hours at my new job and I’m trying to survive until it picks up again. So, life is tough for this little girl, but it comes and goes. At least you can enjoy my cute diaper pictures! These were taken around the same time as “little cotton dress”, and it was really the only time I was bound in the crib by someone else. I felt really helpless and humiliated, it was wonderful, hopefully I can find someone to play with me that way again.
Anyway, enjoy the pics, more stuff tomorrow, I promise… this one below is a favorite of mine 🙂

HDD crash 😦

8 thoughts on “crib bound

  1. Gorgeous.. simply gorgeous.

    Thank you so much for the pictures, Riley. The way you allow us into your life with the blog posts, pictures, and videos is really touching.

  2. Hi Riley!

    Its me, Michaela from germany.

    nice Pics, as all of your pics are nice. youre a cutie!!!
    but my favorite pic of you is that from your post at the 2nd aniversary of protectionblog.
    its a lil bit mystic but i love this kind of pics.
    but now btt.

    I think your bedwetting is just a temporary thing.
    you get a new job, you are moving in a complete new town, you must try to get new Friends there and now your internet crashes.
    Thats soo many things that breaks on you.
    You're a very sensible person i think and cuz your must be the tough girl to the outer world your soul cries through the bladder.
    (thats a definition of bedwetting, a german child psychologist has made)

    If you settle down in your new job, home,etc your bedwetting will fade away.

    And if not, so what, you like diapers…

    But i wish you that you “grow out” the bedwetting.

    Hugs and Kisses,
    Michaela from Germany

    sorry for my poor english, its not my given language….

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