Jenny was a friend of mine

This is my friend Jenny. We spent a summer together in a loft in Downtown Sacramento, we rode our bikes and spent lots of time in the sun. We listened to CocoRosie and felt like we were living like free people for the first times in our lives. She was very open minded, very free and had the most beautiful tattoos I’ve ever seen, and she almost convinced me to get one. She was never too into the diaper thing like I am, but she always thought they were cute and comfy and knew how much i liked them. She moved away and had a little one of her own, but I’ll always look back fondly on the times we spent together… so, enjoy the video, and we’ll leave
it at that.

In the words of Jackson Browne and Nico, don’t confront me with my failures, i have not forgotten them.

2 thoughts on “Jenny was a friend of mine

  1. Hi Riley, i'm Patrice from france, i just wanna know the tittle of the song on the jenny's vidéo. I like it. I visit you blog 2/3 times by week, it's a good blog, the best about infatilism. So continu like that, With simplicity. Peace 😉

    ps: sorry for my english…i'm…just french lol

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