Hey there readers! These are the things i’m thankful for…

1.) Steaming Hot Mashed Potatoes and Gravy

Ok, that’s all I could think of at the moment, but Happy Thanksgiving! I saw Bolt, still reeling from how cute CGI puppies can be, and enjoyed a big delicious thanksgiving meal. So, I hope all is well, much love, and more stuff soon!

P.S. here’s those Hypnosis Files that I had uploaded a while back, there’s a note in there that gives you some thoughts/instructions, they can be fun but don’t take them to seriously.

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stick an oreo in my portfolio

My youtube videos are dropping like flies. Some group has been flagging them like crazy, including my recent AB Universe Diaper review, which was totally PG rated. Anyway, my youtube is officially dead until November 28th, so I guess i’ll have to find some other site to upload my noise.

Anyway, that sucks, kinda bummed out about it, my shining accomplishment of over 120,000 hits has been struck down, but it’s not about that anyway. So, ignore the dead video, and hopefully I won’t get flagged so hardcore from now on.

AB Universe Diapers are cute!

New Diaper Time! A friend gave me a couple AB Universe Disposable Diapers so I could review them, and I’ll eventually review the Mediums, it’ll be fun to see if I’m right or not, but I think they’re pretty awesome. In the video I wear one over my sleeper but it still felt really cute, it would be a perfect kinda bondage experiment, to put on a bulky diaper with the center cut, then a sleeper, then a large over it, then maybe some locking plastic panties so you can’t take the sleeper off 🙂

I hope you like the video and I’ll give you the scoop on some of the other AB Universe stuff, the place sells goodnites and underjams for those who can’t goto the store, as well as onesies and training pants. Look forward to more stuff soon, I haven’t forgotten to finish my bed wetting video series and I’ll review the new goodnites soon too 🙂

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Purple Dress and Goodnites

Hey there diaper fans! I got my mitts on a pack of the new rendition of goodnites, I’ll post a review ASAP, but I like them alot and they’re really cute! This set also goes out to the multitude of readers that want to see my worn socks… Click below to go to my Picasa and check out all the pics!

Big things are happening in the Life O’ Riley, you’ll all be privvy to them very soon! A little bird told me that some of my readers might play that World Of Warcraft game, I just signed up for the first time in over a year and I’m curious to see if there’s an AB/DL or trans-server I could start on again. And don’t worry about losing me, I’m a pretty casual player and doing this blog is much more fun and rewarding than Warcraft, but a girl has to have her playtime. The sites still going strong and thanks to everyone sending me those awesome E-mails. Thanks for the love and Enjoy!


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