Purple Dress and Goodnites

Hey there diaper fans! I got my mitts on a pack of the new rendition of goodnites, I’ll post a review ASAP, but I like them alot and they’re really cute! This set also goes out to the multitude of readers that want to see my worn socks… Click below to go to my Picasa and check out all the pics!

Big things are happening in the Life O’ Riley, you’ll all be privvy to them very soon! A little bird told me that some of my readers might play that World Of Warcraft game, I just signed up for the first time in over a year and I’m curious to see if there’s an AB/DL or trans-server I could start on again. And don’t worry about losing me, I’m a pretty casual player and doing this blog is much more fun and rewarding than Warcraft, but a girl has to have her playtime. The sites still going strong and thanks to everyone sending me those awesome E-mails. Thanks for the love and Enjoy!


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3 thoughts on “Purple Dress and Goodnites

  1. That set was fabulous. I love how you were able to be both adorable and sexy at the same time. You are, for sure, one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen. Thank you for the photos, Riley

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