stick an oreo in my portfolio

My youtube videos are dropping like flies. Some group has been flagging them like crazy, including my recent AB Universe Diaper review, which was totally PG rated. Anyway, my youtube is officially dead until November 28th, so I guess i’ll have to find some other site to upload my noise.

Anyway, that sucks, kinda bummed out about it, my shining accomplishment of over 120,000 hits has been struck down, but it’s not about that anyway. So, ignore the dead video, and hopefully I won’t get flagged so hardcore from now on.

17 thoughts on “stick an oreo in my portfolio

  1. Hey Riley,

    Dont feel too bad about it. There are a few ultra-conservative asssholes out there doig this kind of thing. First it was Yahoo and MSN groups then YouTube and Myspace.

    Hope you find somewhere new to post videos but keep up the work on protectionblog anyway 🙂 Its a great read.


  2. The fact that your videos have been removed that easily really stinks. 😦 I wish Youtube would give you a reason for having them pulled. I didn't even get a chance to see the last video, so I do hope you re-post it once it is available again.

    It just isn't fair that this has happened to you or your videos.

  3. Hi Riley!
    Some of your older videos are still on youtube and they are running.

    But the newer ones are deleted 🙂

    Youtube sucks!

    i think in future we will see on youtube only Videos of funny pets or funny wannabe Popstars… 😦

    Riley i've send you a friends request on diaperspace. Thats a great platform for all of us sissies, diaperlovers or adult babies.
    And i've found you on Xtube. 🙂
    So forget those stupid sites like Youtube or Myspace.
    Myspace deleted my Page only for two or tree pics of me with diapers on. no nudity… Only diapers…. they are so …conservative (sorry i don't find the right translation for “spießig”).

    Riley, keep up your wonderful blog and keep up your lovely Videos.

    Hugs and kisses from a Fan in germany.

    I love you,

  4. Hey Riley,

    Youtube is in a bit of a bind, mostly due to copyright laws, so basically any video that is asked to be taken down gets taken down or flagged (this ironically befouled the McCain campaign, who approved of expanded copyright legislation, before the election when their videos were removed from Youtube on claims of copyright infringement). Don't put too much blame on youtube, the system, and massive understaffing, makes it impossible for them to check claims. So they just flag everything, basically.

    On any other video service you may eventually run into the same problem. Your best bet would actually be to buy some server space and post your own videos using Flash. That way you directly control your own content. Not everyone's got the money for that, but it would be a good way to go.

  5. Thanks for the great comments! I don't get bummed out, it was just a big surprise. I'm most likely going to go with xtube.

    If you've noticed, I recently re-posted the video with google videos, I'm surprised more hasn't been flagged. It was probably goons or some branch of the internet hate machine, it hardly takes anytime to repost it now that I have a google video account. I definitely will never put anything too edgy on youtube again, and there's too many kids on myspace.

    i was initially frustrated because many of my readers found my page through youtube. I no longer frequent the good diaper forums online to get the word out, so if you like this site spread my link around!

  6. interesting since google owns youtube. i know that youutbe vcideos show up on google and google shows up on youtube though so people on youtube can still see the video. not sure how you link youtube and google though.

  7. Hey, i am a huge fan. i'm not into any AB stuff, but i'm definetly a DL. well, too bad i can't wear diapers now because of my family knowing about it. i really like your blog. i have acctually worn diapers before, so i know how good they are, how ever, for me, it's a once a year sorta thing… oh well. i was just wondering if you could send me the japanese diaper punish ment vidio with your subtitles on them. thanks so much.


    P.S. can u contact me privately so i can give u my email? if not, um…. just tell me.

    Thanks again.

  8. Riley. Don't worry there are always going to be haters no matter what you do…just ignore them…they're just jealous they don't have such a following, there is another ab dl site……ever heard of it…well they have there own video service you could try that…not sure what your rule is on linking to other sites…if it's not allowed just delete this 😀

  9. If they got rid of your videos, they should get rid of Chris Crocker's 'cause his/hers are a LOT more…how do you say it…'Graphic or adult' than yours.

  10. Hey Riley;
    Love your site and hope things get better for you.
    Plain and simple why the vids get flagged by stupid people is because your not a helpless infant or crazy old person spitting out stupid words that supposedly they see as cute and funny. Heaven forbid they would actually want to learn something notice documentaries only have about 1,000 hits and Brittany Spears drunk in the millions.
    If you can still post you should try haven't posted myself but have everything and anything on it. Example just type in “Enema” 33 vids.

    May the stupid all go to hell and the worth of sh*t ones all live in perfect harmony without prejudice and fear.

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