Win a Footy Sleeper!

Hello there diaper fans, I’ve got a little contest for you! If you guess the right amount of Depends in the pack I’m holding in the video, than you can win a Footy Sleeper! I’m giving away a pink or a blue one, send the E-mail to the address on my profile with the header “Riley’s Footed Sleepers”. The contest ends on Jan 1st and I’ll ship it to you in if you’re in the USA and you can paypal me shipping if you’re farther. Good Luck, and more stuff soon 🙂

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come all ye faithful

HOOOOORAYYYY!!! I finally have my Google account up and running after being suspended by the powers that be, I won my case on this site not being pornographic or harmful and once I actually got through to a human being (which is really hard to do with google) I got permission to use my site/account again. My Youtube is still dead, but that’s why the good lord made Xtube.

Anyway, I’m back in Northern California, I took a greyhound bus from Albany, New York to San Fransisco, I could have flyed, but I wanted to see the country from the unique perspective of a bus window. I was expecting it to be like a Paul Simon song but it all ended up seeming closer to a Prodigy song (I saw this video when it first came out in 97, it seriously blew my mind). America is a beautiful place, but California is my home, and I never realized how much I loved it until I left. Massachusetts was much more conservative of a state (commonwealth?) than I had imagined, but it was my fault for moving to Western Mass. I got choked up when I saw the Bay Bridge again, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy anywhere else.

So I’m back, I can E-mail and blog again thanks to Google letting it’s freak-flag fly. To make up for my absence, I have a giveaway for the folks that are still reading my little corner of the internet. Look for more stuff tomorrow!

here’s the first little present i have for you, it’s a mix of my favorite Belle and Sebastian songs!

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oh the injustice

Hey there Diaper Fans! This is your little girl, climbing out from under the covers to do a quick little update. My Youtube has finally been completely taken down, but I’m going to make a new one, all my past posts were PG-13, but I guess they have to be PG. For more injustice, this user posted a video i did a looooong time ago under a different alias, he posted it, I’ve flagged it, tried to comment, reported it to youtube, sent other pictures proving that I was in that room to youtube, and still no response or removal of the video. So, this is a ground-swell movement, so lets at least flag this one down, for me. I never post anything making myself out to be a natural woman (anymore) because it’s just wrong, and can get you hurt, but this guy doesn’t care about that. The E-mail on the video has been since deleted, so please flag!

Anyway, here’s a little video, when I mention that the Womens will have more padding at the top, I mean compared to the Poise Panties. The Womens Depend will have more absorbency in the middle, anatomy 101.

More stuff soon 🙂

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