come all ye faithful

HOOOOORAYYYY!!! I finally have my Google account up and running after being suspended by the powers that be, I won my case on this site not being pornographic or harmful and once I actually got through to a human being (which is really hard to do with google) I got permission to use my site/account again. My Youtube is still dead, but that’s why the good lord made Xtube.

Anyway, I’m back in Northern California, I took a greyhound bus from Albany, New York to San Fransisco, I could have flyed, but I wanted to see the country from the unique perspective of a bus window. I was expecting it to be like a Paul Simon song but it all ended up seeming closer to a Prodigy song (I saw this video when it first came out in 97, it seriously blew my mind). America is a beautiful place, but California is my home, and I never realized how much I loved it until I left. Massachusetts was much more conservative of a state (commonwealth?) than I had imagined, but it was my fault for moving to Western Mass. I got choked up when I saw the Bay Bridge again, and I don’t know if I’ll ever be happy anywhere else.

So I’m back, I can E-mail and blog again thanks to Google letting it’s freak-flag fly. To make up for my absence, I have a giveaway for the folks that are still reading my little corner of the internet. Look for more stuff tomorrow!

here’s the first little present i have for you, it’s a mix of my favorite Belle and Sebastian songs!

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10 thoughts on “come all ye faithful

  1. WTF?? YouTube suspended your account?? Damn… That's sooo AOL'ish of them Well, I did write you a letter that will probably get bounced. Basically I told you taht if I had any sibs, I would love to have you as a sister. Hugs..

  2. Good to hear your happy again. I hope you to see the good state of California. I myself am a Massachusetts man maybe its just my friends who are liberals.

  3. You were in Albany NY!?!?!?! I live there!!! Waaaaaa, wish I could have gotten a picture with you or something!! Darn!

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