Win a Footy Sleeper!

Hello there diaper fans, I’ve got a little contest for you! If you guess the right amount of Depends in the pack I’m holding in the video, than you can win a Footy Sleeper! I’m giving away a pink or a blue one, send the E-mail to the address on my profile with the header “Riley’s Footed Sleepers”. The contest ends on Jan 1st and I’ll ship it to you in if you’re in the USA and you can paypal me shipping if you’re farther. Good Luck, and more stuff soon 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Win a Footy Sleeper!

  1. Well little sis, i'd love to have set of sleepers, but since my beloved just got me some (powder blue), I'll let someone else win:P Hope you're feeling better now. Hugs

    Tami (alwayssoggy on youtube)

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