Boys Vs. Girls

I like the band Blur. they had a little tune called Boys and Girls that I really liked in the 90’s, and still holds a place in my heart today (but not as much as Coffee and TV)

So here’s the last video I posted on my youtube. I accidentally posted a really long version last time, this is the good version. Yes, i’m posting on youtube again, and yes, i have backup copies of all the new videos I’m making, and will post them on Google Video as well, just in case.

so here it is…

next post will be about guided meditation or about the perversions of Eric Royce Leonard, depending on how I feel.

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yeaster egg

“If you can talk, you can sing – If you can walk, you can dance” – old Zimbabwe proverb

I was buying a pack of Depends the other day, I usually wear my headphones so I don’t get teenagers asking me “can I help you find something?” but my batteries had run dry and some new ones were in my shopping basket. I was out of town, and I usually go for higher quality diapers, but Depends do the job, though poorly. There were a couple cute hipster girls (one a little big, one almost as thin as me, but with bigger hips) in the same aisle as myself, and they were talking about the yeast infection meds. This sounds really gross, but in the past i’ve had something similar to a yeast infection due to wearing diapers in humid weather but I cleared it up with a little bit of yogurt therapy, I may be lactose intolerant but my taint isn’t… i can’t believe i just wrote that. So the chunky one asks a friend about this little vagisil egg thing that girls that were born girls use for aforementioned infection, and very discretely says “you put in in your vagina”

It was the way she said “vagina” that made me rofl, she dropped her voice down really low and said it like it was a secret, but in a funny/cute way. I really wish you could hear me say it like she did, it was like “YOU PUT IT IN YOUR vaginer

that’s all i have to report for this afternoon, off to work for this little girl.

by the way, I love everyone that reads this, yes, including you.

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new old video

First, i’d like to make up for that last post with this picture, it makes me smile whenever I see it. Reminds me of my old parakeet, his name was Homer and he made his daring escape when the carpet cleaner was over and I was at school. It was kinda like this song

Second, here’s a video I posted back in August, hope you enjoy.

moar soooon

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The End?

Hey there everyone, this is going to be one depressing post.

As you can probably tell, I’ve been having alot of issues with the site lately. My Gmail, Blogger and Xtube accounts keeps getting closed down and it’s a constant struggle to reactivate them. I’ve been getting threats and eerily personal attacks, and I’m starting to feel like my safety is being comprimised by trying to share my life with like-minded people. My employer has drastically cut my hours (i’m lucky i wasn’t laid-off like many of my co-workers) and the bills are starting to pile up, Comcast has no sympathy even in this economy and unfortunatly none of my neighbors have Wi-Fi. On top of all this, someone keyed “I’m a Fag” into the side of my car and I was denied yet again by my healthcare for gender therapy.

This blog is very important to me, and I’m sure it means something to you too. I don’t want it to die, but it’s starting to become overwhelmingly difficult to produce. As I get older, the pressures of the “real world” are bearing down really hard, and as easy as it would be to get on goverment assistance and just blog all day, I’m just not that kind of person. I see countless people come into my work and blow their checks on stuff they don’t need, and here I am eating nothing but granola and salad, contributing to society in what I consider a positive way, and I’m getting the short end of the stick. I started working as soon as I was old enough and have been ever since, and I have almost nothing to show for it other than bills and dark bags under my eyes.

Thank you for all the donations in the past from my various admirers/fans of the site, but until I can financially get back on my feet, posts are going to be few and far between. I’m willing to make a private “adult” videos if you donate to my Paypal, it’s really easy to set-up even if you don’t have a credit card. All donations will go towards the site, I’m looking to migrate away from Blogger in the near future, and hopefully Google entirely.

I hope this didn’t put you in a rotten mood, the sun is shining today after weeks of dark skies, and life is still a wonderful adventure. Look forward to more stuff in the near future, and if you can, send this little girl some love.

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Contest Results and a New Video!

Last post I had a guess the diapers contest on my site, and the # of Depends in the pack was…


So thanks for all your guesses, most people guessed a little high, usually 15 or 14 from a pack of 20. I kinda did this to point out another bad Kimberley-Clark move, they pack Depends so tight into the packages so that if it’s been sitting on a shelf for a while the gel (usually in the front and back) gets totally flattened and doesn’t work. The pack was totally full, but I had taken 10 out.

Here’s the follow up to the bedwetting video, if anyone has any extra tips and tricks, please share! Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

p.s. thanks for FINALLY fixing after 6 days google, it’s no fun when you can’t post or get any official support. If you don’t hear from me in a while readers, it’s probably because of this consistent Blogger problem.

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