yeaster egg

“If you can talk, you can sing – If you can walk, you can dance” – old Zimbabwe proverb

I was buying a pack of Depends the other day, I usually wear my headphones so I don’t get teenagers asking me “can I help you find something?” but my batteries had run dry and some new ones were in my shopping basket. I was out of town, and I usually go for higher quality diapers, but Depends do the job, though poorly. There were a couple cute hipster girls (one a little big, one almost as thin as me, but with bigger hips) in the same aisle as myself, and they were talking about the yeast infection meds. This sounds really gross, but in the past i’ve had something similar to a yeast infection due to wearing diapers in humid weather but I cleared it up with a little bit of yogurt therapy, I may be lactose intolerant but my taint isn’t… i can’t believe i just wrote that. So the chunky one asks a friend about this little vagisil egg thing that girls that were born girls use for aforementioned infection, and very discretely says “you put in in your vagina”

It was the way she said “vagina” that made me rofl, she dropped her voice down really low and said it like it was a secret, but in a funny/cute way. I really wish you could hear me say it like she did, it was like “YOU PUT IT IN YOUR vaginer

that’s all i have to report for this afternoon, off to work for this little girl.

by the way, I love everyone that reads this, yes, including you.

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6 thoughts on “yeaster egg

  1. Oh goodness! That story is hilarious. Even though you didn't say it for us, I can picture it clearly in my head.

    Also loved the youtube video. Thanks for keeping up the good work!

  2. I love this blog I have been reading forever from site to site 😀 I have heard a similar conversation when I was buying the same craptastic brand of Depends

    Have a Wonderful day and I hope life straightens out for you more cause I would hate to miss this blog

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