Boys Vs. Girls

I like the band Blur. they had a little tune called Boys and Girls that I really liked in the 90’s, and still holds a place in my heart today (but not as much as Coffee and TV)

So here’s the last video I posted on my youtube. I accidentally posted a really long version last time, this is the good version. Yes, i’m posting on youtube again, and yes, i have backup copies of all the new videos I’m making, and will post them on Google Video as well, just in case.

so here it is…

next post will be about guided meditation or about the perversions of Eric Royce Leonard, depending on how I feel.

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4 thoughts on “Boys Vs. Girls

  1. I just wanted to say it's cute when you get tongue tied.

    To be honest, this is the first video I've watched the entire way through and I enjoyed it very much. I know this sounds kind of silly but you should see about working for Kimberly Clark (sp?)

    I bet you'd be a great customer service rep or sales lady =p

  2. Yeah … I never really understood the difference in the absorbency placement either. I think I'll wait for your review though to find out. Depends pull-ups are just so completely ineffective … even Goodnites seem like they are more absorbent.

  3. This was the first of your videos I watched. I was impressed. Loved your outfit, long T-shirt and diaper. Amusing that someone is product testing diapers. I watched with rapt attention. You will never be alone, you have many friends here. OH, love the wall paper too, the tranquility of the forest.

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