Boys vs. Girls 1.5

New Depends site is out, in April you’ll be seeing the gender-specific Depend Underwear. I’m pretty sure they’re going to be awful, but who cares, at least they’re kinda improving. I always figured they do stuff like this just to make husbands and wives or parents who have a boy and a girl, makes them buy 2 different overpriced pack of pull-ups. Oh how I loathe you Kimberley Clarke.

But It’s not all bad! I’m comfy, in my sleeper and plastic panties, in a Bambino Bianco. I have my pacifier for the first time in a while, and it’s getting late. More reviews soon, I promise I’ll write something more positive in the upcoming weeks, it’s just really cold outside 😛

P.S. – I couldn’t see a dad telling this story.

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4 thoughts on “Boys vs. Girls 1.5

  1. Hehe. They are really doing it just so someone like you has to make a decision: Buy the “for women” and get one that doesn't work as well as it should, or buy the “for men” and be significantly less able to “pass” during the process. In your position, I too would chose a unisex brand. Since I'm not a full-time wearer, and use them mostly alone and in private as a solo-fetish, I stick with the cheapo unisex Walgreens brand.

    (3rd comment so far. I am always coming around to read more, even when I'm not commenting on every post)

  2. I'm kinda upset how they changed Assurance diapers for the worse. They used to be decent, cheap, plastic-back diapers. Now they're that kinda pseudo-cloth and they don't hold as much as the already leak-tastic old plastic back ones, which means you have to change even more often. Does Wal-Mart WANT to inconvenience those in need? I see they're competing with brands like Depends, but their product was already better than Depends before they made the change.

  3. i know what you mean….. depends don't hold much as it is, and the pull ups are rather sucky (if comfy)

    i must ask though, why doesn't 'pampers' just come out with something for older people?
    (barely fits in underjams)

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