Do you want to see me cry my eyes out? You will if you sit next to me while I watch Ryan, a short animated film about Ryan Larkin, a brilliant young animator who experienced every artists greatest fear, losing the spark.

I happened upon this film from my habit of downloading anything that looks even remotely interesting, and I don’t think I’ve ever been the same since. I’ve always has a passion for art, not necessarily animation or painting, but the entire genre. I love film, and my dream would be to have at my fingertips the people and resources necessary to fully express myself in that medium. I have a well of respect for both Ryan Larkin and the animator of his story.

Ryan died, but his story and the film “Ryan” will be a testament to his work. The toughest thing about it, is that after the film was released he basically got his shit together, and started being creative again. He produced some interesting work in the afterglow of his addictions, but it was too late. Everyone needs a reason to live, a reason to get up, to communicate, produce and create. For some it’s family, friends, a lover or a pet, but for those who lack those things, or don’t find the importance of them, the reason could become money, or fear of death, or hate. And for the creative types, it’s often times drugs. I think Burroughs said “the best thing about being a junkie is that all you have to do is quit, and then the world will open its arms to you, and life will be refreshing again”. Unfortunately, that train of thought is usually the “the sun will shine tommorrow” theory, but every day is the same.You just need to find other Reasons

Watch Ryan, show it to the people that still have the spark, and force it on the people who think they may have lost it. More stuff soon, thanks for reading!

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